Frederick N. Rhines Professorship

Fund Purpose
GA: support a professorship(s) in the Dept of Materials Science & Engineering

This fund was established in 2007 by Dr. and Mrs. Walden C. Rhines, Trustees of The Rhines Foundation. It was created in memory of Walden’s father, Dr. Frederick N. Rhines, to support a professorship in the Department of Materials Science at the College of Engineering.

Frederick Rhines was born July 27, 1907 and passed away April 1, 1986. He founded the Department of Materials Science and was named scholar of the year for 1972-1973 by the University of Florida. He and his wife, Janet Rhines, had two children., Dr. Walden C. Rhines and Margaret R. DiNegro. After Janet Rhines’ death in 1978, Professor Rhines married Dr. Genevieve D. Rhines, who earned her doctorate in Special Education from the University in 1975.

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