Association of Hispanic Alumni Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support annual scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students at the University; preference should be given to students that have shown active participation in and enhancement of the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Culture (La Casita) organization.

The scholarship fund was established in 2007 by the University of Florida Association of Hispanic Alumni to support undergraduate and graduate students within the Hispanic/Latino community in fulfilling their educational and professional goals.

The University of Florida Association of Hispanic Alumni (UF-AHA) is an affiliate of the University of Florida Alumni Association. The mission of the UF-AHA is to promote the University of Florida and its Hispanic/Latino heritage and to provide support to current UF students in their development as future Gator alumni. Integral to their mission of supporting current UF students is raising funds for scholarships for students attending the university, which is done through specialized programming across the nation, such as the Gator Guayabera Guateque, and the direct contributions of generous donors.

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