Carl Crandell Scholarship Fund

In memory of Dr. Carl C. Crandell, this fund was created to support the educational mission of current graduate students enrolled in the audiology program. Crandell was born November 26, 1958 in Miami, FL and moved to Gainesville in 1995 where he became a professor of audiology and later, the director of the audiology department at the University of Florida. He earned his master’s degree in audiology from Florida State University and his doctorate in audiology from Vanderbilt University.

A prolific writer, Crandell published extensively in the audiology field on special topics focused on Sound Field Amplification and Hearing Management. He started audiology clinics for the underprivileged and was a volunteer with his church in Dallas. In Gainesville, he was a member of The Family Church.

Crandell died December 6, 2005, leaving behind his wife, Lorraine and a daughter, Daniell

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