Thomas and Trudy Summerill Scholarship in Health Administration

Fund Purpose
GA: support an annual award to a student within the Dept of Health Services, Research, Management, and Policy within the College of Public Health and Health Professions pursuing a master's degree in health administration; recipient shall be determined based on financial need as opposed to scholastic achievement, with preference given to second year students.

Thomas and Trudy Summerill created this fund in 2006. The Summerills were recent high school graduates and newlyweds from Virginia when they moved to Gainesville in 1978 so Thomas could complete his degrees. Life became even busier when Trudy gave birth to twins, Drew and Nichole, during Thomas’s sophomore year. To make ends meet, he worked part-time campus jobs in addition to his full-time studies and Trudy worked full-time as a University of Florida clerk/typist. An on-campus apartment in married housing, the convenience of Baby Gator day care and flex time in their jobs helped to make it all possible.

In 1982, Thomas earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and two master’s degrees, business administration and health services administration, in 1984 — all from UF.

The assistance the Summerills received from UF while he was a student helped them get through that chaotic time and now they are providing the same kind of support to current students.

Since graduation, Thomas has held administrative positions in managed care companies, currently serving as CEO of Wellcare Florida. Trudy went on to earn a degree in interior design from Purdue University.

* Awards made subject to funding availability

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