Stephen M. Varosi Memorial Scholarship/Fellowship in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fund Purpose
GA: support scholarships or fellowships for undergraduate or graduate students in the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UF who study RF circuits and/or MRI or other technology and plan for a related career: criteria, 3.0GPA or higher in Elec Engr courses; to be nominated by a professor and chosen by the Chair; pref for creativity and unconventional problem solving skills; possible internships at Invivo Corporation.

Friends and colleagues established this fund in 2006 in loving memory of Stephen “Steve” Varosi. A Cocoa Beach, Florida native of Hungarian descent, Steve was a brilliant, creative engineer with a variety of research interests. While a student at the University of Florida, he was an outstanding young scholar in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Steve received his bachelor’s degree from UF in 1987 and his master’s degree in 1991.

After graduation, Steve began his career at Alachua-based Tucker-Davis Technologies, which develops real-time signal processing systems for neurophysiology, psychophysics, bioacoustics and virtual acoustics. Next, he was an early employee of the newly formed Applied Resonance Technologies, which later grew into MRI Devices and Invivo, where he and his colleagues were awarded a patent, “Method and apparatus for enhanced multiple coil imaging.” Steve also had an ongoing business partnership with former instructor UF professor Giuseppe Basile to design and create an autopilot system for single and twin-engine planes. This in turn led to Steve’s consultant position as a Research and Development engineer at Chelton Aviation. Most recently, Steve had begun research work for Convergent Engineering, a Gainesville biomedical engineering company, utilizing electronics in human medicine delivery systems.

While among the University of Florida engineering community, Steve was considered a talented engineer, outside of the University he was known for his love of music and percussion instruments. As a talented and sought-after drummer, Steve was a member of many local bands throughout his 23 years living in Gainesville. Steve was also an avid outdoorsman and dog lover who knew when to put everything else on hold in favor of a beautiful day kayaking with his dogs down the Santa Fe River.

In April 2006, Steve Varosi died at the age of 40 in a tragic airplane crash at Gainesville Regional Airport, along with his 12-year-old nephew Michael, and UF colleague Dr. Giuseppe Basile.

Steve is remembered for his passion for life and scienc

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