J. Crayton Pruitt Family Biomedical Engineering Excellence Fund

J. Crayton Pruitt, Sr.

This fund was established by J. Crayton Pruitt and family in 2006 for the purpose of supporting teaching, research, translational research, technology enhancements and academic programs for faculty and students in the J. Crayton Pruitt Department of Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering.

Pruitt was born on November 23, 1931. After graduating from St. Petersburg High School, Pruitt received his bachelor’s degree and his medical degree from Emory University. He completed his residency in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC in 1963. As a St. Petersburg surgeon, he devoted his career to the treatment of stroke and pioneered the surgical treatment of carotid artery arteriosclerosis for the prevention of stroke. Pruitt was also part owner of Ideas for Medicine, a manufacturer of medical and surgical products. He enjoys real estate, agriculture and flying.

J. Crayton Pruitt passed away on October 8, 2011.

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