Valerie Calkin Griffith Scholarship honoring Claude and Hazel Calkin

Fund Purpose
Support scholarship awards to students in College of Pharmacy.

University of Florida alumnus Valerie Calkin Griffith established this scholarship endowment in 2005 in honor of her parents, Claude and Hazel Calkin.

“They were hard working people who believed in education. I feel that even with all the problems I encountered early in my schooling and working life being a female, my education has been very rewarding. My parents were always supportive of my education, and they always felt that education was essential for everyone. I thought that a scholarship was a way that I could give others the chance that my parents gave me. I also thought that it was the best way I could honor their sacrifice and their memory.”

Valerie graduated from UF with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 196

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