Chat Yin Ho Scholarship

Fund Purpose
Support annual scholarship to graduate student for excellence in pure mathematics at Dept of Mathematics Spring Semester Awards event; recipient to be selected by Dept Committee; amount will be approximately $2000.

This fund was established in 2005 by colleagues and friends in memory of the late Dr. Chat Yin Ho, a gifted a teacher and mentor.

Ho was born in China September 27, 1946 and graduated from the University of Chicago in 1972 where he earned his doctoral degree in mathematics. In 1985, he moved from Toronto to Gainesville to work as a professor of mathematics at the University of Florida. He is one of the people credited for building UF’s algebra group to the excellence it is known for today.

Professionally, Ho was probably best known among finite group theorists for his work on quadratic pairs and was also interested in projective planes.

Outside of mathematics, Ho was known for his passion for gardening and table tennis. Of the various awards he acquired, Ho was probably proudest of his Alexander von Humbolt fellowship and his Senior Men’s Table Tennis Championship.

Ho passed away September 21, 2005, just shy of his 59th birthday. He is survived by his wife, Virginia, and his three children, Kevin, Terrence and Bren

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