Todd C. Prosser Memorial and Ted C. Prosser, III Book Endowment in Florida History

Fund Purpose
GA: support purchase of books relating to Florida history.

(top) Todd C. Prosser and (bottom) Ted C. Prosser III

This fund was established in 2005 by Ted and Ellen Prosser in memory of their son, Todd C. Prosser, and to honor their son, Ted C. Prosser III, to support the purchase of books relating to Florida’s history in the George A. Smathers Libraries.

Upon graduation from Forest High School in Ocala, FL as an honor student, Todd applied to just one university. He was a Gator fan his entire life and would not entertain any other choices in regard to his education. A hard working, diligent student, Todd earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1997 and his master’s degree in decision and information sciences in 1999. During his graduate studies he was a faculty assistant and senior operator for CIRCA. Following the completion of his graduate degree he attained a position in the software industry. In 2000, soon after his graduation, Todd passed away due to a sudden heart attack. He was 25 years of age.

Ted C. Prosser III also graduated from Forest High School as an honor student. He attended UF becoming an Anderson Scholar upon the completion of his first two years and earned his bachelor’s degree in finance in 1994. He then earned his juris doctor at UF in 1997. After being admitted to the Florida Bar and practicing law he then earned a master’s degree in decision and information sciences in 2002 at UF.

Todd and Ted both were on hand to attend the graduation ceremony of their mother when she received her master’s degree in nursing in 1997.

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