Dr. Clemens Lester Hallman Fellowship

Fund Purpose
GA: support fellowships to graduate students in College of Education preparing for teaching or teacher education in one of three areas in preferential order: 1) bilingual education, 2) foreign language education, or 3) ESOL education.

Clemens Lester Hallman

This fund was established in 2004 by Jo Anna Hallman in honor of her husband, Clemens Lester Hallman, Ph.D. Dr. Hallman was born in Lancaster, PA. He lived in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina from his birth until the age of 17, when he returned to the United States to attend college. He received his Ph.D. at Indiana University. He came to Gainesville in 1973 as a foreign language professor at UF. He was an avid pioneer in the field of bilingual education. He wrote approximately seven million dollars worth of grants while at UF to further the development of multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual programs for Florida. Dr. Hallman was fluent in several languages, including Spanish, Haitian, French and Creole.

Clemens is survived by four children — James, Cathy, Carol, and Jama — and his wife, Jo Anna, who was a teacher in Gainesville until she retired in 2005. Clemens passed away in 2001 at the age of 68, but his legacy remains to this da

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