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GA: support scholarship awards using academic merit as the main criteria; leadership, civic, volunteer, musical, athletic or other special talents and activities by the candidate will be strongly considered.

Greta Andron Smolowe

When she earned her B.A. with honors from UF in 1951, Greta Smolowe became the first woman to graduate from the four-year program and to receive both the Phi Beta Kappa Achievement Award and Dr. Allen’s Award for Excellence. The university’s Hall of Fame hailed her as “First Lady of Student Body Dramatics, Service and Leadership.” She served as the fist female president of a variety of groups including Florida Players, Trianon/Blue Key and Radio Guild.

After graduation, under the pen name Greta Woodrew, she went on to become a member of Actor’s Equity, vice president of Grapevine Industries and president of her own executive search firm, Woodrew Services. Together with her husband, Dick, she co-edited The Woodrew Update for 15 years. It became an international bi-monthly newsletter that gained subscribers from all over the United States, Canada and 14 countries abroad. For her extensive work with scientific research labs, the American Biographical Institute honored her for “International Contribution to the World of Psi.”

In 1979, William Pen College awarded Greta with an LL.D., honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. She served as vice president of Space Technology And Research (S.T.A.R.) Foundation, lecturing and giving seminars and classes worldwide at universities and for education and business groups. She was the author of 3 books.

Dr. Greta Smolowe passed away on September 1, 2010.

For further information about the S.T.A.R. Foundation, email starfdn@prodigy.ne

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