Arnold J. “Red” Morway Memorial Graduate Fellowship

Fund Purpose
GA: support fellowship awards to masters level graduate student in College of Engineering; not to include activities that include experimentation with animals.

Joyce E. Morway established this fund in 2002 in memory of her father, Arnold J. “Red” Morway, who passed away in 1985 at age 79. Red Morway was a 1996 inductee of the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame. With 293 U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents to his credit, Red was the most prolific inventor at Exxon Research and Engineering. He was congratulated on his prolific endeavors by the United States Patent Commissioner after receiving his 200th patent.

Red received his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Florida in 1929. While working for Exxon, he earned his master’s degree from Columbia University and worked on his doctoral studies at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Not only was he famous for his many patents, but Red was well known for his collection of over 300 bow ties that he would make for himself out of fabric from his wife and daughter’s dresse

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