Jared and Joshua Piotrkowski and Esther Ragosin Endowment

Children’s Charities to Combat Mental Illness, Inc. established this endowment in 2002 to support teaching, research and programs in child and adolescent psychiatry in the College of Medicine.

Brothers Jared and Joshua Piotrkowski are directors of the organization. Their interest in mental diseases sprang from the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease in their grandmother. They raised money for the charities over two years by organizing walkathons and car washes. They also persuaded Jared’s senior high school class to donate half of its funds to this worthy cause.

Jared earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 2004 and a doctor of medicine degree in 2009 from the University of Florida.

Joshua earned a bachelor’s degree in religion from UF in 2008.

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