Paul and Polly Doughty Research Endowment

Fund Purpose
GA: primarily for Anthropology graduate student fellowships, research, and dissertation support and expenses in areas dealing with international peace, human rights and development with a preference given to a focus in Latin America. Secondarily, this Fund may also be used to cover expenses of student travel to professional meetings in relation to the areas noted above. An appropriate representative Anthropology faculty committee shall select candidates and regularly make awards from the fund.

Paul and Polly Doughty established this endowment in 2001.

Paul Doughty is a University of Florida distinguished service professor emeritus. His research includes cultural anthropology, peace studies, applied anthropology and Latin American studies. Polly Doughty is a local activist and an avid supporter of women’s studies at UF. She is dynamic in her fight for the equal rights of women, and she is the current president of the Friends of Women’s Studie

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