Martha M. Hall Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose
Amended GA: support scholarships and fellowships (that include tuition) for needy students attending the University. Recipients will be selected by Dr. Carolyn Tucker, so long as she remains a faculty member or professor emeritus with the University; thereafter recipients shall be selected as determined by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Recipients shall be selected based on a variety of factors, including minority status, a demonstrated ability to overcome social and economic disadvantage, and other factors that will advance the goal of diversity at the University. "Students" includes undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral students as long as they have student status with the University. Recipients may not be related by blood or marriage to Everett E. Hall, Jr., or to any employee of the University. ("Related to" shall have the meaning set forth in the University's policy on "Employment of Relatives" as it exists from time to time.) Recipients may not be employed by the University, except under a work study program providing scholarship assistance.
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