Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development

This fund honoring mother and daughter, Sylvia and Debbie DeSantis ‘82, supports a Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development. Currently held by Dr. Hendrik Luesch, this endowment has helped to foster one of the top natural product centers in the nation. Through continued support over the last two decades, Debbie DeSantis has helped shape an environment of highly innovative and impactful natural products drug discovery with a strong commitment to drug development.

“His passion feeds mine, I think, definitely. Because he’s such an individual, he’s such a star in the research world.” – Debbie DeSantis ’82

To join DeSantis’ vision for creating life-changing opportunities within natural product drug discovery and development, and to support the incredible work by Dr. Hendrik Luesch, please make an impact by giving below.

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