Stephen C. O’Connell Chair in the College of Law

Stephen C. O’Connell

Stephen C. O’Connell served as the sixth president of the University of Florida from 1967 to 1973. A native Floridian, O’Connell was a man of many trades. His activities and professions ranged from college football stardom, boxing, World War II service, to serving as justice and chief justice of the Supreme Court of Florida. He was the first UF alumnus to become president and knew the names and faces of literally thousands of Florida residents.

O’Connell was highly respected for his integrity and diplomacy, which helped him lead UF through difficult times of social unrest during the late 60s. In 1974, O’Connell received an honorary doctoral degree from UF and was inducted into the UF Hall of Fame and the Sports Hall of Fame. This fund was created by the family and friends of O’Connell and supports three professorships.

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