Charley Pell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support scholarship awards to students at UF with preference to children of athletes who played football at UF under Coach Pell (1979-1984).

Charlie Pell

Charley Pell was the head football coach at UF from 1979 until early in the 1984 season. He is credited with the many football successes that occurred after his departure.

When he began coaching, the UF football team was recovering from a 4-7 record, the football facilities were insufficient, the athletic department was about $700,000 in debt and fan support was dwindling. He toured the state and reached out to wealthy alumni, including citrus magnate Ben Hill Griffin Jr., transforming the football program via the financial support he gathered.

Called a workaholic as well as “hard, but fair” by his athletes, Pell continued to work on improving the football team. The 1980 season ended with a record of 8-4 and a victory in the Tangerine Bowl against Maryland.

Coach Pell passed away before his dream of establishing a scholarship for children of his former players could be realized. Through the tireless efforts of his wife, Ward, and the generosity of many UF fans, supporters and former players, this scholarship was established in 2001 and named in his honor.

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