Stella Meissner Scholarship Fund

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GA: support scholarship awards to graduate students in Education.

Stella Meissner

Stella was born on January 16, 1926 in Lanciano, Italy. She was the sixth and last child born to Frank and Livia Picciotti. Her father was a Methodist missionary who immigrated to the United States when he was 18 years old. He married and started a family and then returned to his native Italy to spread the gospel. When Stella was 18 months old the family returned to America to reside permanently.

Stella graduated from high school in Cleveland, Ohio and subsequently moved to Tampa, Fla., with her parents. Determined to go to college, she worked and saved money until she was 25. She enrolled at the University of Florida, originally planning to become a Christian Education director. She was accepted into the College of Education and pursued a degree in elementary education. She began teaching in Taylor County in 1964 and taught a total of 26 years in her career.

This scholarship was endowed by Stella’s family and friends as a way to memorialize her for her dedicated service to her profession and her love of the University of Florid

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