Melvin J. and Marilyn S. Fregly Endowment for Biomedical Sciences and Humanities Collection

Fund Purpose
GA: support biomedical collections in Libraries, including processing the Melvin J & Marilyn S Fregly Collection for education among faculty & scholars on interrelationship of Law/Bus/Hist of Science/Marketing of Intellectual Prop/Biomedical Sciences.

This fund was established in 1999 by Marilyn Fregly, in loving memory of her husband, Melvin, to support acquisitions and biomedical collections in the University of Florida Libraries, including the Melvin J. and Marilyn S. Fregly Collection.

Melvin was born May 26, 1925 in Patton, PA. He began working at the University of Florida in 1956, becoming one of the first faculty members of UF’s College of Medicine. In 1979, he was named a graduate research professor of physiology. His research interest was in the maintenance of fluid balance under normal and adverse conditions.

Throughout his career, Melvin wrote more than 500 papers and four books. He was a consultant for 40 years, serving as one of 19 scientists on the Space Station Science Advisory subcommittee to NASA and editor of the American Physiological Society’s handbook, “Adaptation to the Environment.

Marilyn was born on December 21, 1928 in Quincy, MA. Her Southwick ancestors had come to the New World on the 4th voyage of the Mayflower. She earned a bachelor’s degree in 1958, another in 1959, a master’s degree in 1962 and a doctorate in 1967, all from UF, and was a professor emeritus of public relations.

From 1968-72, Marilyn was a Communications, Humanities and Journalism faculty member at Santa Fe Community College and sponsored the student newspaper, radio and TV station. In 1973, she joined the UF faculty as an assistant professor of behavioral studies and in 1980 was appointed to the College of Journalism and Communications, her last position there being professor emeritus of public relations. Marilyn was chair of UF’s Institutional Review Board for non-medical research from 1973-80. She authored several works with her husband on blood pressure, the role of sodium in health and serendipity in science.

Melvin passed away January 13, 1996 and Marilyn on October 30, 2006.

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