Tanzer H. Kalayci Undergraduate Scholars Fund

Fund Purpose
To support undergraduate students in the Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering, with preferences for: a) Compensating undergraduate students selected by the College to serve as classroom and laboratory support to College faculty members, to be conducted in accordance with University requirements for the employment of students. b) Students who graduated from a high school in West Virginia or in Turkey.

Keith and Schnars, P.A.
Corporate Office
Fort Lauderdale, FL

This scholarship was established by Keith and Schnars, P.A. in 1999 and is dedicated to all individuals in the civil engineering and geomatics professions who provide support of educational programs. The Keith and Schnars, P.A. Scholarship recognizes and encourages excellence in and dedication to the civil engineering or geomatics profession.

Keith and Schnars, P.A. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on solving the engineering, planning and environmental challenges faced by its diverse client base. A commitment to professionalism and strong project management has enabled the firm to play a key role in the development of Florida’s growing residential, commercial, recreational and transportation infrastructure.

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