Cullen W. Banks, M.D. Scholarship Fund

Fund Purpose
GA (amended): support scholarships; commitment to making a meaningful contributions to pluralistic community & diverse student body, sensitivity to & understanding of racial & ethnic issues in society i.e. doctor & patient relations, communication across lines of gender, race, generation, geography & class & ability to overcome educational, social & family disadvantages, & has academic merit & leadership potential.
Dr. Cullen W. Banks

Income from the Fund will be used to support scholarships in the College of Medicine. The University recognizes the Donor’s strong and abiding commitment to increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the students in the College. The University supports the Donor’s view that increased and improved interaction across the social lines of gender, race, generation, geography, and class is a key issue for the College. Accordingly, the College agrees, in choosing the recipients of this scholarship, to consider the following factors: demonstrated commitment to making meaningful contributions to a pluralistic community and the continuation of a diverse student body; sensitivity to and understanding of racial and ethnic issues in society, particularly as they relate to the doctor/patient relationship; commitment to learning to better communicate across the social lines of gender, race, generation, geography, and class; ability to overcome educational, social, or family disadvantages; and academic merit and leadership potential.

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