Judge Hal W. and Bessie Organ Adams Scholarship

Fund Purpose
GA: support merit-based scholarship for 1st yr Law students; pref: permanent resident of county in Third Judicial Circuit of FL, awarded in spring, recipient in top 15% of undergrad class & top 15% nationally on LSAT.

This fund was established in 1998 by sisters Catherine A. Thornton and Elizabeth Adams Airth in honor of their parents, Judge Hal W. and Bessie Organ Adams. Hal Adams graduated from Cumberland University Law School in Lebanon, TN in 1906 and moved to Mayo, TN where he partnered with Arthur Auvil to open a law office under the firm name of Auvil & Adams. That same year, Adams borrowed $100 from the Citizens Bank of Mayo and went back to Lebanon to marry Bessie, his college sweetheart and member of a pioneer family of Wilson County, TN. The couple moved back to Mayo where they resided for over 50 years.

In 1908, Adams was nominated for County Judge and took office in 1909 for four years. He ran for Legislature in 1914 and lost by a narrow margin. In 1916, he was reelected to County Judge until 1925 when he was appointed to Circuit Judge. He served the Third Judicial Circuit until 1960. Hal Adams was a member of the Mayo Methodist Church and taught an Adult Bible Class for many years.

Throughout his career, Judge Adams was known for his temporing of justice with mercy, and his intentions of equality under the law have never been questioned. He passed away in 196

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