Charles W. Abbott Appellate Advocacy/Moot Court Endowment

Fund Purpose
GA ( amended): support awards in Maguire Appellate Advocacy Competition; if additional income is available, to be used for the Moot Court team or the Appellate Advocacy program. Appendix A: Awards for Maguire Appellate Advocacy Competition held in the spring as an intramural competition round; participants to be on moot court team to represent the College; best oralist to receive $1000, other 3 plus up to 2 alternates to receive $500. Awards known as Charles W Abbott Excellence in Advocacy Award and include a trophy (Maguire Cup) to be permanently displayed in a prominent place (such as Moot Court Office or Martin Levin Advocacy Center). Any remaining income may be used for expenses of Moot Court team, including annual banquet and travel expenses associated with participating in extramural moot court competitions.
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