Wayne and Mary Hockmeyer Endowment Fund for Science and Business Education

Fund Purpose
GA (amended): support fellowships to attract & retain best MBA students with academic background in hard sciences (pref in biotech field) & work experience or interest in biotech/entrepreneurship. MBA/MS Biotech candidates will receive priority consideration.

Drs. Wayne and Mary Hockmeyer created this fund in 1997 to provide fellowships for students in the MS/MBA biotechnology program. As a graduate of the University of Florida’s IFAS, and as founder and former Chairman and CEO of MedImmune Inc., Dr. Wayne Hockmeyer has a deep interest in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism as well as the biomedical field. “I had a great experience at the university. It did a lot for me,” he said. “I feel strongly that this program is a great opportunity to merge science and business, and I wanted to support that. The people who come out of this program will be leaders in the field later.”

Located in Gaithersburg, MD., MedImmune focuses on the development and marketing of products used in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and transplantation medicine.

This fund is intended to provide fellowship support to attract and retain the nation’s best and brightest students for the MS/MBA program in biotechnolog

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