Dr. Robert E. Allen, Dr. Owen J. Holyoak and Dr. Paul R. Varnes Endowed Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship to support undergraduate awards of $500 minimum and graduate fellowship awards of $1,000 minimum to students in the College of Health & Human Performance. Students must have had a 3.0 GPA or above at UF, completed at least 24 credit hours at UF, have worked to support themselves.

Dr. Owen J. Holyoak, Dr. Robert E. Allen and Dr.Paul R. Varnes Generating undergraduate and graduate awards, this fund was initiated by three former professors of the college: Robert Allen, Owen J. Holyoak and Paul R. Varnes. Drs. Allen and Varnes are graduates of the college. They studied and taught at UF for nearly four decades before retiring from the departments of exercise and sport sciences, and recreation, parks and tourism. Dr. Varnes served as department chair for 28 years prior to his retirement. Dr. Holyoak came to UF from Utah State University and University of Iowa as an assistant professor in the department of professional curriculum. With the reorganization of the college, Dr. Holyoak became the first chairman of the department of exercise and sport science.

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