Ralph D. Turlington Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support scholarships and fellowships for graduate and undergraduates in Education.

Ralph D. Turlington served 24 years as a member of the state House of Representatives (1950-74) and 12 years as the state Commissioner of Education (1974-86). His legislative record was notable for his vigorous efforts to improve education, pass the “Government in the Sunshine” Law, establish a statewide consumer protection agency and adopt a new state constitution.

Turlington was part of P.K. Yonge’s first graduating class in 1938 and earned his bachelor’s degree from UF in 1942. He went on to pursue graduate studies at Harvard University, earning a Master of Business Administration. After serving in the U.S. Army for three years during World War II, he joined the faculty at UF until he was elected to the State House of Representatives. Turlington’s memories of and high regard toward UF’s P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School inspired him and his wife, Ann, to establish this scholarship. Turlington Hall on the university campus bears his nam

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