Miss Lucy Dickinson Fellowship in Vertebrate Paleontology

Fund Purpose
GA: support fellowship to graduate students with FLMNH; preference to students working in area of vertebrate paleontology, chosen by committee of Chairman and Curators in Vertebrate Paleontology.

Lucy Dickinson was an integral part of the Gainesville and university communities for more than half a century. She was a member of the Junior League and helped host many events in support of the Florida Museum of Natural History. She passed away in 1997. Her husband, J.C. Dickinson Jr., was appointed director of the Florida Museum of Natural History in 1961. Under his leadership, research and education experienced explosive growth, particularly in the curatorial staff and in the vertebrate systematics collections. At that time, the museum office was located in the Seagle Building in downtown Gainesville. As the museum began to grow in size, a need for greater space to house the new research collections and exhibits became necessary. In 1968, Dr. Dickinson spearheaded a drive for a new building. Completed in 1970, the building was named after Dr. Dickinson and is located on the corner of Newell Drive and Museum Road. In 1979, Dr. Dickinson retired and was named Director Emeritus. He passed away in January, 200

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