Jose M. Sanchez Scholarship

Fund Purpose
GA (amended): support need-based scholarships awards to students attending the University; donor requests the UF in choosing recipients of the scholarship(s), grant first preference to students from Belen Jesuit High School in Miami, second preference to students from migrant farm working families from Miami-Dade Co, as recommended by the Dade County Schools Migrant Education Program; finally, should available funds permit, awards may be given to needy students from Miami-Dade.; shall be renewable annually if student meets Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements established by Student Financial Affairs; additionally each scholarship recipient shall take a minimum of one credit hour of ethics and provide documented community service, in accordance with the provisions of the Business Ethics Challenge Grant Program.

This fund, established by Jose M. Sanchez in 1997, provides need-based scholarships with preference to students from migrant families working in the Miami-Dade County are

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