Marshall M. and Jeannette Butts DeWitt Scholarship

Jeannette and Marshall DeWitt

This fund was organized by Dr. E. Monroe Farber and Dr. Richard Masella, members of the South Palm Beach County Dental Association.

The South Palm Beach County Dental Association established a modest $1,000 per year dental scholarship and made three dental scholarships awards. About this time, Mr. Marshall DeWitt, a well-known and successful produce farmer, passed away.

Marshall and Jeannette both attended and graduated from the same Palm Beach high school as had Dr. Monroe Farber, a lifelong friend and family dentist for 50 years.

After consulting with the DeWitt attorney, Fred B. Devitt, the two visited Jeannette DeWitt and introduced the idea of funding a UF dental scholarship.

During the 50 years of professional family friendship with the DeWitt family, it was quite evident to Dr. Farber that Marshall and Jeannette were both interested in the affairs and academic progress of UF. Coupled by the fact that they were both extremely interested in the welfare of young people, Jeannette was very happy to agree with her late husband’s wishes to bequeath $2 million to fund a UF Dental School endowed scholarship fund.

The fund, under the leadership of its scholarship committee and the UF Foundation, has prospered. In 2001, 36 dental scholarships were awarde

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