J. Richard Sewell Scholarship

The Gator Club® of Washington, D.C., (“DC Gators”) established this fund to support students participating in internships in Washington DC, in honor of J. Richard Sewell.

As an arm of the University of Florida Alumni Association, the DC Gator Club® exists for the benefit of UF, its alumni, parents, friends and students. With many locations and diversity, Gator Clubs® serve to host social and athletic functions, sponsor educational and professional seminars, provide scholarship opportunities, design community service projects and foster young alumni programming.

The UF Alumni Association-chartered Gator Clubs® sponsor scholarships for students attending UF from all over Florida, as well as many other parts of the country. Gator Club® scholarships are awarded based upon criteria established by each Gator Club® including but not limited to academic merit, school in involvement and community involvement.

Membership in Gator Clubs® is open to all alumni, parents, friends and students of the university.

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