P. M. Pope Scholarship

Fund Purpose
Letter: support College of Engineering at dean's discretion; college-wide scholarships per the dean.

Paul M. Pope Jr. dedicated a his life to education. A graduate of UF’s civil engineering program in 1937, Pope enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the North Africa and Anzio campaigns during World War II. His career as an oil company executive began in 1947 when he was hired to work for Humble Oil and Refining Co. (Exxon Mobil today). His 31 years with the oil company were full of successes; however, it was his commitment to education that made him such an outstanding figure.

A public education activist, Pope was a PTA leader, and later a member of the school board in Jefferson Parish, part of greater New Orleans. As chairman of the board’s building committee, Pope worked to build and expand schools during the 1960s. For his endeavors, he was made a National Life Member of the PTA.

Mr. Pope and his wife, Mary Lee, established the scholarship in 1990. He passed away in May of 2001 at age 8

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