Shimberg Discretionary Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support program or project in Affordable Housing that will qualify for State match.

James H. Shimberg

This fund was established in 1991 by James H. Shimberg for the School of Building Construction to support and encourage Affordable Housing.

Mr. Shimberg was born March 6, 1923. A life director of the National Association of Home Builders, Mr. Shimberg played a prominent role in the Florida homebuilding industry since 1959, and his influence on the legal and literal landscape of west central Florida is tremendous.

After graduating from law school, Mr. Shimberg was admitted to the New York Bar. He practiced in New York City with a small firm, specializing in securities and real estate. Mr. Shimberg opened his own firm in 1955, primarily representing home builders. When his largest client moved to Tampa in 1957, Mr. Shimberg and his wife, Amy, followed suit. He was admitted to the Florida Bar, and by the early 1960s, he became a principal in a development and home building firm.

Throughout the years, Mr. Shimberg and his companies built nearly 10,000 homes in the Tampa area. For many years, his home building company, Town ‘N Country Park, was the largest private homebuilder in Tampa. Mr. Shimberg’s concept of building communities was much deeper than just the construction of houses. Well before there was a legal requirement to do so, Mr. Shimberg donated land for schools and churches within and around the communities he developed. He also developed shopping centers and built recreation centers. He was a community leader in Tampa and throughout Florida. He served on numerous boards and committees, including the University of Florida Foundation Board.

Mr. Shimberg passed away June 15, 2007, in Tampa, Florida. He is survived by Amy, his wife of 50 years, their five children, their spouses, and 15 grandchildren.

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