Annette Kendall Katzoff Fellowship Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support endowed fellowship for graduate students interested in bio-statistics applicable to Alzheimers Disease Research including researching problems with dementia and other associated diseases or to research on other neurological diseases or conditions through Dept of Statistics in LAS; if no candidate is available during any one year, the income will be returned to the principal to enhance the endowment.

The children of Annette Kendall Katzoff established this endowed fellowship to support doctoral students in developing statistical methodology applicable to research in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Mrs. Katzoff’s son earned his doctorate in statistics and is a mathematical statistician. His wife received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and is a statistician and computer systems analyst with the Federal Government. The fellowship is named for Annette Kendall, a former south Florida resident and pioneer female pharmacis

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