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Eileen G. Breier

At five foot two, Eileen Breier was a giant. A loving wife, devoted mother and adoring grandma, Eileen—who loved words and books and poetry—went by the palindrome “Neelie” with her grandkids. She never let a family event go by without extensive photography to memorialize every cherished moment. She had scores of friends at each of the two California and Florida homes between which she split time. She celebrated every joyous occasion, she consoled every loss, and she never missed a holiday. Eileen loved people and people loved Eileen. Her laughter permeated the air, and her smile lit up the room.

Eileen had degrees in Education (B.S.), Library Sciences (M.S.) and Law (J.D.). Eileen taught elementary school, was an innovative high school librarian, and lawyer, having clerked for the legendary Judge Wilke D. Fergueson.

Eileen was a passionate advocate for Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship. She traveled to Washington, DC each year for the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference, as well as also worked locally in the greater Miami area on behalf of pro-Israel causes and candidates.

The world is a much better place for Eileen having lived in it; it is our hope that this Fellowship might perpetuate this ideal—for visiting scholars and fellow Gators alik

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