R. F. Lanzillotti Graduate Fellowship in Public Policy Research

Fund Purpose
Support graduate fellowship(s) in public policy research.

Walter Industries Inc. established this endowment in honor of Robert F. Lanzillotti, dean emeritus of the Warrington College of Business. Lanzillotti and his wife, Patricia Lanzillotti, and daughter, Donna Clifford, have made a variety of contributions to UF, including resources to fund a joint scholarship for students in business and journalism, a teaching excellence program and an eminent scholar chair. In recognition of his dedication and generosity, the Public Policy Research Center in the UF business college was renamed in honor of Robert Lanzillotti. His own research interests have been in the field of business regulation and anti-trust.

The Lanzillotti endowment supports a graduate fellowship in public policy research. A portion of the income is also used to award “The Robert F. Lanzillotti Prize” for the best research work nationally in the field of antitrust policy. Recipients of the award are required to present a public lecture at the universit

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