American Heart Association, Gerold L. Schiebler, M.D., Chair in Pediatric Cardiology

Fund Purpose
GA: support chair in Cardiology to promote teaching in pediatric cardiology.

This fund promotes teaching pediatric cardiology and honors Gerold L. Schiebler, M.D., former Associate Vice President for Health Affairs for External Relations at the University of Florida. Dr. Schiebler has made many contributions to the university, and his lasting impact on the field of pediatric medicine will be felt for decades to come.

Dr. Schiebler has served as president of the Florida Medical Association and has been instrumental in many victories for physician and patient rights. Since 1948, it has been the mission of the American Heart Association to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Research, education and advocacy for the health of the general public are the strategies to reach this goal. The American Heart Association constantly works to advance groundbreaking medical research, spread lifesaving knowledge and reach out to people of all ages.

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