Mr. 2-Bits Cheerleader Scholarship

Fund Purpose
Support scholarships for UF cheerleaders.

George Edmondson gained the affectionate nickname Mr. 2-Bits by his charismatic rally of Gator fans in the Swamp during a 1947 game against Auburn. The hushed Gator crowd, sobered by a losing score, grew into a sea of cheers through Edmondson’s inspiring chants. Though many years have passed since the famous game, Mr. 2-Bits remains a great legend in UF athletics.

Mr. 2-Bits Scholarship, Inc., organized by Edmondson, along with a host of avid Gator fans sponsored this fund to provide awards to UF cheerleaders. Each year, proceeds from the Mr. 2-Bits Scholarship Invitational Golf Tournament go toward increasing the scholarship fun

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