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A “Space Force” Gator Shares his Florida Favorites

Did you know that “Space Force,” the new Netflix comedy starring Steve Carell, also features a Gator: actor Jamison Webb (BSJ ’07)? The series premiered May 29.

Webb plays “Baxter,” who appears in the trailer (at the :40 second mark) and four of the first season’s 10 episodes.

The journalism alumnus from Fort Myers was an active member of UF’s improv club – Theater Strike Force – during his student days in Gainesville. Here are a few of Webb’s many UF memories.

Webb’s favorite …


College class: “I loved all of my journalism classes, but the Literary Journalism class I took in 2005 with Professor William McKeen stands out.”

Gainesville hangout: “Too tough to pick one! But coffee and board games at Maude’s, pizza at Satchel’s and wings at Miller’s Ale House were always a good time.”

Professor: “William McKeen and Mike Foley in the College of Journalism and Communications were memorable for sure. But honestly, any professor whose class I did not have to attend before 9 a.m.”

Activity: “Going to Florida Gator football games. No other answer is acceptable here.”

Jamison’s advice for other Gators who want to make it into showbiz: “I'm not qualified to give advice because I haven't truly made it yet, but I do feel qualified to give advice on how to try to make it in showbiz: Don't get discouraged. Don't get overconfident. Be nice. Be professional. Stay hydrated.”

Steve Carell’s Sidekick

Can you spot the Gator in this recently released trailer for the new Netflix series, Space Force? (Hint: He appears at :40 and the second at 1:19.)

Catch more of Webb’s performances – and add his shows to your Netflix list – here:

Space Force: