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How Do You G8R?

Alumni from around the country share a bumper crop of clever Gator license plates.

Plenty of UF alumni show their Gator spirit on the road. If your tag carries a cool message, please send a (high resolution) photo of it to


Phillip (DVM ’87) and Jamie Lanzi (BA ’86) live in Wilmington, NC, where Phillip owns and operates College Road and Carolina Beach Animal Hospitals, and Jamie is an accounts receivable administrator.

Lance Ford (BSAC ’81) works in commercial real estate in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Michael Di Marco (BSCISE ’81) said 1981 is special because that’s the year he graduated from UF and entered the U.S. Air Force. Now he’s a retired airline captain who lives in Orlando.

Eric Bender (BSBA ’79) and Sue Rosen Bender (BA ’81) live in Oak Park, CA, where they are both retired. Eric was in the telecom and commercial real estate fields, and Sue worked in the non-profit/philanthropy field. They met at UF and have been married for 39 years.

Brent Walrath (BSBA ’82), owner of Walrath Insurance Agency in Cadiz, Ohio, said his recognizable tag is the result of “a couple of meetings with the Buckeyes a few years back.”

Don Wilkins of Merritt Island, a 35-year orthodontist who’s now retired, says this tag “says a lot about how I feel about the Gators.”

Lisa Spurlock Brouwer (PhD ’96) lives in Indianapolis.

Wayne Oberfield (BSP ’92) of Scottsdale, AZ, shared these special Gator-themed tags he’s had over the years. Look closely at his first tag from Pennsylvania: It’s signed by Gator great and current PGA golfer Chris DiMarco (BA ’90).

Charley Tucker (BA ‘07) had this tag when he lived in Illinois. Today, he’s a partner at Prime Fiduciary Services in Los Altos, CA, and lives in Mountain View, CA.

Ronald Perdue (BSBA ’95) and his son, Steven Perdue (BS ’18), ordered this tag for Ron’s Harley Davidson. Ron lives in Micanopy and is general manager of Office Depot in Gainesville.

Richard Duncan (BA ’78), a retired U.S. Army Major commissioned through UF’s Army ROTC program, shared his tag that proves he was the 1,926th person in line for the specialty plates when they were issued. He retired last summer as assistant general manager of public safety and security at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Today, he operates RL Duncan Consulting and lives in Douglasville, GA.

Eric Larsen (BSADV ’84, MAMC ’93), who lives in Los Angeles and specializes in strategic account management in the media and entertainment industry, said he’s had this tag since the mid-1990s and was surprised it was available at the time. “My wife thinks it’s cheesy and wants me to let it go, but I said ‘Sorry honey, that’s just not gonna happen.’ Go Gators!”

John Miller (BSBA ’89) is a banker in Honolulu, where he enjoys hiking.

Ret. Marines Maj. Alan Crouch (BS ’89) of Saint Johns is proud of this tag and his daughter, Katie, who is a UF nursing senior. Crouch is a JROTC senior military instructor at Jean Ribault Senior High School in Jacksonville.