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This month, give a big chomp for Oracle in Redwood Shores, Calif., and the 162 Gators who have been hired by the multinational cloud computing corporation since 2016.

If you yell “2 Bits!” at work, do your coworkers know what to yell back? Do your office parties always include orange-and-blue decorations? Is it understood that happy hours must take place at a restaurant that broadcasts Gator games? Gator Nation News celebrates companies that purposely strive to hire UF alumni. Does your workplace fit the bill? Please tell us about it in an email to


Oracle regularly recruits Gator talent at University of Florida career fairs. Alum Chris Cruanyas, right, joins Oracle employees Lia Pizoli, Rob Palmer and Ben Grant Roy at a recent UF fair in fall 2019.

What Oracle Gators say

Working with Oracle “has been one of the best decisions I made,” said Elias Gonzalez (BSBA ’19), a core technology consultant who lives in Boston and serves on the company’s Latino alliance. “It’s allowed me to develop my leadership and networking skills.”

“The greatest part about working here is the people,” said Chris Cruanyas (BSBA ’18), a cloud technology representative in Austin, Texas.

“I love the energetic, collaborative culture and the opportunity to work alongside the best,” said Kelsie Heaslip (BSAdv ’19), a business development consultant based in Boston.

“I appreciate the diverse range of people who’ve come together to support such an innovative, tech-driven cause. Working here has taught me something new every day,” said Anthony Vernava (BSBA ’18, MS ’19), solution engineer, based in Austin, Texas.

What Oracle managers say

“As a senior director … I’ve experienced a lot of college grads from all over the country, and UF alumni continue to be atop that list each year,” said Ben Grant-Roy, a senior director of sales. “We take on a lot students who are consistently going the extra mile during their four years …. It’s not a surprise some of our top talent in an organization of 800+ come from UF.”