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Gators Hiring Gators

Gator Nation News celebrates companies that purposefully strive to hire UF alumni.

This month, give a big chomp for Equitable, a 161-year-old worldwide financial advising company. One quarter of this company’s Jacksonville team are Gators and alumni hold posts in other branches and divisions as well.

– Liesl O’Dell


Here are a couple of the Gators you’ll meet in Jacksonville

Alex Cooper (BSBA ’07), certified financial planner
“UF was an incredible experience for me, both academically and socially. After graduation, I knew I wanted to work for myself with the backing of an admired financial services company, and UF gave me the confidence to secure a position with Equitable Advisors. In this industry, relationships are paramount to building a successful practice. Being a Gator has enabled me to build new client relationships while strengthening current ones. Go Gators!”

Brittany Kubala (BSBA ’15), certified financial planner
“Being a financial advisor is my absolute passion, and as I reflect back, much of the UF experience led me to this realization: top-of-the-line classes, teachers and systems to equip me with knowledge I still use to this day. The business college gave me autonomy and discipline – both crucial skills for succeeding in the financial service industry. It also challenged my analytical and group communication skills through required smaller discussion classes, which were intimidating for me but empowered me to grow. I’m most thankful for the Gator Nation bond. Professors and alumni were constantly willing to lend a helping hand and expand my network, which is the most powerful tool in my toolbox. Today I’m able to connect with clients with honest communication and leverage my analytical skills to put them in the best financial spot I can.”

Kayla Nocella (BSBA ’18), certified financial planner
“I often find myself reflecting back on my time at UF. The people I met, the organizations I joined and the topics I studied led me to exactly where I am today. I was deeply involved in Dance Marathon, and my passion to serve others was the driving force in considering a career post-graduation. After narrowing down the different paths in finance, I realized becoming a financial advisor was exactly what I was meant to do. Every day I connect with individuals, learn about their goals and help them achieve those goals. I am able to see the direct impact after each meeting. And it’s always an added bonus when the client and I share a connection to the Gator Nation.”

Why UF?
“I feel incredibly fortunate to have the No. 7-ranked public university in the United States in our backyard. Thank you to all of the outstanding professors who are tireless in their efforts to prepare the next generation of leaders in our communities. A common theme among our UF grads is their enthusiasm to make a large impact on their clients and the world. Values alignment is a top priority for us in the interview process, and it always seems that Gators shine the brightest here. When values are clear, decisions are easy.” – Matthew Foxhall, executive vice president of the Jacksonville branch