Advocate & Invest

Connects donors with their philanthropic passions. Development professionals identify, cultivate and encourage support for discovery, scholarship, service and major university initiatives that impact people across the globe.

  • Secure Philanthropic Support: Drives philanthropy through campaign efforts, mega-giving and faculty support
  • Points of Light: Positions and strengthens keystone programs in Mega/ Principal Giving, Gift Planning and Annual Giving, implementing strategies that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and promote “bright ideas”
  • Unit Campaign Ownership: Strengthens relationships with unit-based development teams and academic leadership, ensuring accountability for campaign objectives through value-add central services
  • Portfolio Management and Pipeline: Executes donor-centric cultivation strategies and builds pipeline leveraging, integrated central resources (Leadership Annual Giving, Gift Planning, Alumni Affairs and development events)

Team Listing


Ann Powers
Executive Director of Advancement to Strategic Advisor for HWCOE
352-294-7941      click to email

College of the Arts

Lula Dawit
Senior Director of Advancement
352-846-1211      click to email

Charlotte Morse
Advancement Project Management & External Relations Coordinator
352-273-1465      click to email

Joshlyn Thomas
Assistant Director of Development
352-273-1499      click to email

Warrington College of Business

Jon Cannon
Executive Director of Dev. and Alumni Affairs
352-392-0381      click to email

Lindsey Farah
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
352-392-0381      click to email

Brynn Arnett
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Liz Hauck
Executive Assistant & Donor Relations Coordinator
352-392-0381      click to email

Michelle Helmer
Director of Alumni Engagement
352-273-4967      click to email

JP Hill
Associate Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Anthony Jordan
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Alison Law
Senior Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Jake Ludwikowski
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Joan Lyon
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-0381      click to email

College of Dentistry

Richard Miller
Senior Director of Development
352-273-5779      click to email

Kaitlyn Simonson
Development Coordinator
352-273-5790      click to email

College of Design, Construction and Planning

Seth Watts
Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-1422      click to email

Heather R. Clayton
Marketing & Communications Specialist
352-294-1297      click to email

Maggie Drotos
Interim Director of Development
352-294-1409      click to email

Brent Ferraro
352-294-1424      click to email

Bri Fried
Event Manager
352-392-7266      click to email

Joey Mazzaferro
Associate Director of Communications
352-294-1421      click to email

Kyle Niblett
Public Relations Specialist
352-294-1418      click to email

Marsha Phillips
Alumni Relations Coordinator
352-294-1410      click to email

Kim Stanley
Associate Dir. of Development and Strategic Engagement
352-745-6236      click to email

Lyndsey Sullivan
Conference Event Planner
352-273-1150      click to email

College of Education

Jim Burke
Senior Director of Advancement
352-273-4141      click to email

David Bryant
Development Manager, Lastinger Center for Learning
352-273-4103      click to email

Stephanie Cugini
Director of Development, Lastinger Center for Learning
904-568-4876      click to email

Diane Gagnon
Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Strategic Partnership
352-273-4142      click to email

Marissa Hartman
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Donor Relations
352-273-4144      click to email

Chelsea Maxwell
Development Coordinator
352-273-4140      click to email

Mackenzie Moffett
Assistant Director of Development
352-392-4149      click to email

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Mary Church
Senior Director of Development
352-294-7988      click to email

Jeff Clarke
Associate Director of Development, BME
352-294-7947      click to email

Nicholas Cole
Director of Development, ESSIE
352-294-7948      click to email

Anna Gude
Development Coordinator
352-392-6795      click to email

Amy Helgeson
Director of Development, ISE/CHE
352-294-7953      click to email

Meghan Jacobsen
Advancement Administrative Specialist
352-294-7944      click to email

Sarah Johnson
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
352-392-6795      click to email

Deborah Jones
Development Assistant
352-392-3695      click to email

Tara Meek
Director of Constituent Relations & Alumni Affairs
352-392-6795      click to email

Joseph Szwanke
Associate Director of Donor Relations & Alumni Engagement
352-294-7943      click to email

Florida Museum of Natural History

Marie Emmerson
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-2087      click to email

Kali Geiger
Development Assistant
352-273-2086      click to email

Kara Schwartz
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-273-2047      click to email

Gator Boosters

Phil Pharr
Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5035      click to email

Garrett Bell
Gift Processing & Special Events
352-375-4683 x5059      click to email

Doug Brown
Deputy Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5065      click to email

Kathy Cook
Associate Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5033      click to email

Joey Cutting
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 ext. 5071      click to email

Fleetwood Fleming
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Liz Hassell
Director, Bull Gator
352-375-4683 x5064      click to email

Curtis Head
Assistant Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5015      click to email

Trevon Mccary-Glenn
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Maddy Repka
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Kyle Rogers
Director of Premium Seating
352-375-4683 x5021      click to email

Thom Savage
Assistant Director, Gift Processing/Board
352-375-4683      click to email

Ryan Schulman
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 x5038      click to email

Michelle Seibold
Program Assistant
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Susan Siegrist
Assistant Director of Membership Services
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Colby Smith
Director, Gator Boosters Business & Finance
352-375-4683 x5005      click to email

Paul Vosilla
Assistant Executive Director, Stewardship
352-375-4683 x5020      click to email

Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

Blythe Garrett
Development Administrative Assistant
352-294-7056      click to email

Allison Hudson
Interim Associate Director of Development
352-294-7054      click to email

Stephanie Perez
Development Assistant, OPS
386-559-2018      click to email

Levin College of Law

Michael Farley
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-0643      click to email

Elizabeth Kane
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
352-273-0716      click to email

Debbie Menoher
Development Data Coordinator
352-273-0644      click to email

Shannon Sumerlin
Director of Development
352-273-0868      click to email

Collin Ulmer
Assistant Director of Development
352-273-0976      click to email

College of Public Health and Health Professions

Blake Harrison
Director of Advancement
352-273-6214      click to email

Christopher Beatty
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-294-8402      click to email

The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute

Tracy Kerwin
Executive Director of Advancement
561-228-2055      click to email

UF Health Science Center

Joe Mandernach
Senior Associate VP/Chief Advancement Officer of UF Health
352-627-7756      click to email

Elizabeth Zipper
Interim Assistant Vice President of Advancement
352-273-6605      click to email

Kierra Clarke
Development Coordinator
352-627-7765      click to email

Andrew Hile
Communications Specialist
352-273-9620      click to email

Tamera Stumpff
Director of Development Strategy & Operations
352-627-7743      click to email

UF Performing Arts

Katie Tester
Development Coordinator
352-273-2703      click to email

Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Jessica Long
Senior Director of Advancement
904-201-8401      click to email

Ellie Padgett
Interim Director of Development
904-201-8471      click to email