UF Advancement Operating Status
UF Advancement remains open and operational.
All employees should be transitioned to a remote work environment.

General Questions

What is UF Advancement's Current Operating Status?

UF Advancement is currently open and fully operational.


All UF Advancement employees who are capable of working remotely should transition to their alternate work locations. Please touch base with your immediate supervisor today, and contact Melissa Long or Naomi Kwiatkouski as soon as possible to complete and execute an alternate work location agreement. Employees may use annual leave until these agreements have been fully executed.


All employees are expected to maintain a normal work schedule and should touch base directly with their immediate supervisor to discuss any alternate/remote work location needs.


Any changes to our operating status will be communicated via email, and will also be shared on this site.

Who can I contact if I have questions & concerns?

All questions and concerns should first be routed to your immediate supervisor. We are asking all managers to share this information with Talent Management as we continue to identify and respond to emerging issues.


Additionally, you can submit feedback, questions and concerns on this site by visiting the Feedback page. Alternatively, you can email and someone will respond as soon as possible.

What can I find official information from the university with COVID-19 updates and resources?

The University of Florida’s COVID-19 update page is located here.

How is UF Advancement communicating updates?

We are committed to passing on information and decisions as they are made/received to maintain as much clarity and transparency as possible. At a minimum, UF Advancement will send an update to all employees on Tuesday and Friday of each week. Please visit the Updates & Announcements page for all current official communications

Is UF Advancement doing anything to help students, faculty, and staff during this uncertain time?

We recognize that there are many students and other members of our university community who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to respond to the university’s request to vacate campus until March 30. Whether from financial hardship, travel restrictions, personal safety, or other circumstances, these individuals will be on campus in the coming weeks.


UF Advancement is pursuing efforts to raise money for Aid-A-Gator and the Field & Fork Pantry to help these individuals. Below are direct links to the giving pages for each of these three funds:

Health & Hygiene

What does "social distancing" mean?

According to the CDC, “social distancing” means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet) from others as much as possible.


We ask that employees avoid close physical contact with each other (e.g., shaking hands) and large gatherings of people. We highly recommend using virtual options to complete your work and communicating with others (e.g., Zoom, FaceTime) until further notice. Please visit our resources page for guidance related to Zoom.


What is UF Advancement doing to help mitigate the spread of the virus?

UF Advancement Building Services Staff and UF Advancement Facilities Staff are making more rounds throughout the day to disinfect common areas touchpoints. These include:

  • Hand rails
  • Light switches
  • Table tops
  • Door handles
  • Toilet seats & flush handles
  • Sink handles
  • Water fountains
  • Disabled push plates, grab bars & disabled rails


Building Services has already distributed and are using TruShot disinfecting cleaner and
Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide across campus and has ordered wall mounted and free standing hand sanitizer stations throughout campus. UF Advancement is participating in this program and has already installed several such stations.


Facilities Management has distributed disinfecting wipes across our central campus departments.

Where can I find more information about health, wellness, and prevention?

The University of Florida has developed a robust set of FAQs related to this topic. They can be found on the UF COVID-19 Update page at this link.

Events & Travel

Am I allowed to travel for university business?

No, but essential travel can be approved by VP Mitchell.


President Fuchs’ message on 03/16/19 prohibited non-essential travel until further notice. For UF Advancement, this policy includes donor/alumni/volunteer visits, as well as external conferences and/or meetings. All Advancement employees should check with their immediate supervisor if they have travel that they deem to be essential. All such travel must be approved by Vice President Mitchell before it is booked or undertaken.

Am I allowed to undertake personal travel?

All staff are encouraged to follow new CDC guidelines for personal travel. UF Advancement strongly discourages any personal travel.


Any Advancement employee who embarks on personal travel involving a cruise (to any destination), any international travel, or domestic travel to an area considered a “hot spot” will be required to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days before being allowed to return to work. Hot spots are areas where the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents represents a standard deviation greater than 1.75. The U.S. map provided by Johns Hopkins’ Coronavirus Resource Center will be used as the standard source for this information. Our Talent Management team will be working with supervisors to ensure that this policy is enforced.


If an employee is subject to self-quarantine, they may opt to use accrued leave or request working from home during that time. An AWL form must be completed if working from home—please contact Melissa Long and Naomi Kwiatkouski for assistance.

Is UF Advancement canceling events?

UF Advancement is working through a master list of central advancement events between now and July 31. In the coming days, we will have recommendations to cancel, postpone or digitally host these events. These decisions will be based on a thorough review and evaluation of the event objectives, priorities, fundraising impact, resources and other external guidelines regarding social distancing. Recommended changes to these events will be communicated to all stakeholders.

Am I allowed to invite donors, alumni, and/or other guests to campus?

No, but certain visitors can be approved by VP Mitchell.


President Fuchs message to the UF community on 03/16/20 prohibited all visitors unless approved by a Senior Vice President or Vice President. For UF Advancement, this policy includes all donors, volunteers, and other guests not employed by UF.

Advancement Employees

School and daycare closings have left me without childcare. What are my options?

Due to the numerous school and daycare closings, we are asking supervisors to be as accommodating as possible over the next two weeks to allow for flexible schedules, vacation leave, remote/alternate work location agreements, and other solutions. Please contact your immediate supervisor and/or the Talent Management team to discuss these options.

I am an employee who has an at-risk family member at home; may I request an Alternate Work Location agreement at this time?

Yes; please discuss your request with your supervisor and contact Talent Management for additional assistance.

Who do I contact to request an Alternate Work Location (AWL) form?

Employees should contact their supervisor, Melissa Long and Naomi Kwiatkouski in Talent Management to initiate the expedited AWL form. This form can be completed remotely, so there is no need to come into the office to complete the paperwork. We will assist in determining IT needs as part of this process as well and will coordinate with the UFA IT team, as needed.

Can employees use FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) if they get sick, or are quarantined, or to care for a family member?

Yes, contraction of COVID-19 would qualify as a “serious health condition” under FMLA (with appropriate documentation). Please contact Talent Management.

What are the details related to UF Advancement building access during this time?

UF Advancement Announced changed to our Building Services operations procedures on 03/19/20. Please visit the link below for more details. A HUB login is required:

Strategies for Remote Work

Is UF Advancement providing any resources for employees who are working remotely?

Yes. UF Advancement (UFA) is committed to ensuring that all qualifying employees are setup to work in an environment that is supportive of continuing our vision, mission and values.  With the current need to enact a temporary remote work strategy, we are providing resources for UFA employees to use as we deploy a temporary remote work strategy to maintain our core business functions and interactions. A full Remote Work Strategy Guide has been developed. Subsequent questions also address these strategies.

How do remote workers maintain security awareness?

As a UF Advancement employee, the same security protocols that are practiced in our traditional business work environment need to be strongly adhered to while working remotely.   It is the responsibility of every UF Advancement employee to handle critical and sensitive data with critical care and the best protection possible.  Here are a few best practices to consider:

  • When you’re working remotely, be fully aware of your surroundings which includes your environment and the people you are working in close proximity to
  • Do not leave your laptop open, unlocked or accessible by others when you step away from your work area
  • When participating in a virtual meeting or conference call, find a private area to communicate to prevent things that aren’t public knowledge being shared openly
  • Use these tips and contact IT or the help desk with any security-related questions or concerns

How do I set up a virtual workspace?

To ensure qualifying UF Advancement employees who transition to a temporary remote work environment are setup for success, the following checklist provides key considerations for their workspace:


  • Identify a designated workspace that is free from distractions which should include a desk, ergonomic chair, proper lighting and other essential equipment to perform normal job duties
  • Choose a workspace with plenty of natural light and privacy for your work
  • Stock up on any office stationary, equipment or supplies that you are essential to you working effectively remotely
  • Ensure that you have reliable, high-speed internet and are able to successfully access the VPN network (use the proper security caution when accessing public Wi-Fi)
  • If you need a printer, you may work with IT to take a work printer home, or utilize your personal printer (please note, if any work-related items are printed from home, they must be safeguarded and eventually shredded/recycled when we are back in the office)
  • Verify that you have essential contact information of your team members, IT, Talent Management Partners, etc.

Are there best practices for managing remote work?

It is important that UF Advancement employees still feel engaged and connected to the vision, mission and values of our organization while working remotely. To assist supervisors and leaders with successfully managing their teams in a virtual environment, the following tips and strategies provide effective ways to accomplish this goal:


  • Managers can start the day for your remote team members with a 20-minute video chat to stay connected (we recommend this strategy with your team at least twice per week)
  • Establish clear expectations for accomplishing tasks, work schedules, communicating issues, responding to emails and maintaining performance levels
  • Monitor progress regularly and establish a cadence for obtaining status updates on projects or other business tasks (we recommend employees check-in with supervisors at least once daily)
  • Be proactive in tackling any unexpected issues or identifying needs for extra support or resources to help team members complete their tasks
  • Engage your team members regularly on a daily basis through multiple communication channels such as Skype, text or email. Also lay out a virtual logistics plan for individual or team meetings to ensure team members feel connected
  • Place an emphasis on what’s produced and the accomplishment of a goal and less focus on activity.
  • Trust your team to maintain the same level of excellence they have shown already

How do we maintain our team culture when employees are working remotely?

For employees to manage their time efficiently and remain connected with one another, we recommend the following best practices.

  • Plan your day
  • Respond to email in two or three chunks each day
  • Take regular breaks to stretch, practice yoga, bodyweight exercises, etc. (and tune into the GatorCare streamed fitness options which last 10-15 minutes each)
  • Maintain professional boundaries (avoid having the TV on, get dressed for work, etc.)
  • Use the phone to maintain contact with others
  • Additional tips and helpful strategies can be found here

IT & Computing Support

How do I forward my phone if I am working remotely?

We have developed a guide for call forwarding that you can access at this link. Instructions are also included below. If you have specific questions about telephone operations, please email Troy Bell at



  1. Scroll to page 2 – Press Arrow key down
  2. Press Call Forward Button
  3. Enter the phone number you would like calls forwarded
    • If forwarding off central campus press “9” in front of number
    • If long distance press “9”+1+area code+ number



  1. Scroll to page 2 – Press Arrow key down
  2. Press Call Forward Button
  3. Press Envelope Button



  1. Dial 352-294-0380 from any phone
  2. To access your mailbox press#
  3. Enter your mailbox number and#
  4. Enter your password and #
  5. Follow other voice prompts for deletion , etc.

Am I able to receive computing support while working remotely?

UF Advancement IT team has provided a Quick Assist Guide to offer support for employees working remotely. Please note that this guide is designed for central UF Advancement employees. College and unit-based employees should check in with their dedicated IT support teams.

How do I setup my workstation when I am working from an alternate location?

UF Advancement  IT has provided a Setup Guide for employees working remotely. Please note that this guide is designed for central UF Advancement employees. College and unit-based employees should check in with their dedicated IT support teams.