UF Advancement COVID-19 Updates
UF Advancement Operating Status
UF Advancement remains open and operational.
All employees should be transitioned to a remote work environment.

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and associated impacts on the University of Florida and UF Advancement’s operations, this site has been assembled to provide timely updates, information and resources to the UF Advancement community. The Updates & Announcements page includes all recent official communication from UF Advancement, including both internal and external communication. The FAQs provide answers and clarity on pressing questions we have heard from our community. The Resources page includes information and links to help all members of our community navigate these uncertain times, while the Links page collects useful links for university, local, state, and national responses. Please use the Feedback/Questions page if there is something you are concerned about that is not addressed here, or if you have useful information and/or resources to add.

Above anything else, we are committed to ensuring the health, safety, and wellness of every member of our community. This commitment starts with our colleagues in Advancement, and extends to our donors, volunteers, alumni, and friends around the nation and world. Nothing is more important.

— Tom Mitchell, VP for Advancement —