What is the UF “Go Greater” campaign?

The Go Greater Campaign is a concerted, university-wide effort to raise significant philanthropic support for strategic priorities over an eight-year period.

What are the priorities for the campaign?

Strategic areas of focus for the campaign are categorized under leadership, health, environment, innovation and globalization. Each focus area has specific fundraising initiatives, such as creating professorships, increasing student scholarships and strengthening the research infrastructure.

Who will benefit from the campaign?

Primary beneficiaries are students, faculty, and citizens worldwide, as we continue to develop an informed and educated workforce and experts in areas ranging from quality patient care to sustainable crops.

Why should donors give to the campaign?

We are asking donors to give through the university and the campaign to make a gift that will make a difference… a difference in the well-being of students, faculty, citizens and society. Campaign participation inspires others to give and also contributes to the stature, reputation and rankings of the university.

Why is a campaign important for UF?

We cannot realize our full potential on tuition and taxpayer support. Private investment allows us to apply our talent and resources to address pressing world challenges, while increasing opportunities for student success.

What is the campaign’s financial goal?

The working target is to raise at least $3 billion from private sources; however, the ultimate goal of the campaign is not a dollar figure but the impact that philanthropic support will have on those we serve.

What are some examples of the programs the campaign will support?

The university has many programs that will benefit from private philanthropic support through the campaign. For example:

  • Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies – Helping children ages 0-5 start ahead so they can stay ahead
  • The Biodiversity Institute – An interdisciplinary institute helping communities and governments prepare for a changing environment
  • The Challenge 2050 Project – Addressing the world’s looming food shortage

Can donors determine how their gifts are used?

Yes, philanthropy is a voluntary act motivated by the interests and passions of the donor. It is the responsibility of the university to help donors identify programs or projects that align with their passions and philanthropic goals.

Given the size of this campaign, do small gifts really matter?

Yes, every gift counts. A $25 dollar donation can help stock the campus food bank, while a $25 million donation can help solve the challenge of world hunger. An important goal of the campaign is to provide opportunities for individuals to make meaningful contributions within their means.

What is the timeframe for the campaign?

Campaign Timeframe

2014 – Silent Phase
2017 – Public Launch
2022 – Conclusion

The campaign is divided into two phases. The silent phase began in 2014 and was focused on identifying campaign priorities and leadership gifts in support of those priorities. The public phase begin in fall 2017 with the announcement of the campaign. The campaign is expected to conclude in fall 2022.

How does UF’s campaign compare with those at peer universities?

By many measures, UF ranks among the top 10 universities in the nation. Currently, there are eight other peer public universities that have launched or completed campaigns of $3 billion or more. To remain competitive with our peers, we must continue to increase our endowment.

What is an endowment and how does it work?

About Endowments

Endowments are designed to keep the principal gift intact while using the investment income.

An endowment is simply a way for gifts and investments to provide support in perpetuity. Gifts are invested and a portion of the annual earnings on those investments is applied to a specified purpose. Generally, an endowment will pay out about 4% of its value on an annual basis. Thus, a $1 million endowment would forever provide approximately $40,000 a year for a given program.

Why do endowments matter?

One of the greatest challenges facing public research universities is the unpredictability of key revenue sources, including state and federal support. An endowment provides a revenue stream that researchers, financial aid administrators and others can plan for and count on year after year.

What kinds of gifts will be accepted during the campaign?

Campaign gifts can be made in a variety of ways, including cash, stocks and property. Donors can also pledge to fulfill their commitment over time, include UF in their estate plans or create other tax-advantaged vehicles for their contribution, in consultation with their financial advisors and ours.

What if I have a question about the campaign that’s not on this list?

Please ask us! Send your question to the Strategic Communications & Marketing Department at Communications@uff.ufl.edu, and a member of our staff will get back to you promptly. We might even include your question in the next set of FAQs.