Why is UF undertaking this campaign?

  • BECAUSE as the U.S. races to remain a world leader in education and workforce development, UF is giving our youngest learners a head start. The pioneering Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies links science, policy and practice to help children reach their full potential.
  • BECAUSE one-third of voters with disabilities report difficulty in voting, UF is working with a team of computer science engineers to develop a voting system that empowers citizens to participate in democracy through technology.
  • BECAUSE secrets to better health can be discovered in the most unlikely places. UF is searching the oceans for clues to battle human diseases, revealing bacteria that can halt the growth of numerous types of cancer.
  • BECAUSE mass extinctions are happening today, UF scientists are leading a worldwide effort to preserve Earth’s rich potpourri of animals and plants, one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century.
  • BECAUSE our faculty, researchers and students who can achieve great things that benefit our citizens, state, nation and world if we have the resources to bring them to life.

The fundamental goal of the campaign is not a dollar figure, it is the impact those dollars will unleash.

  • Private philanthropy will elevate the stature of UF, allowing us to make a profound difference in our ability to contribute to a better Florida and world.
  • Philanthropic support will stimulate and leverage other sources of support, public and private.
  • This campaign is directly tied to UF’s mission as a public university and our commitment to excellence.

The campaign is central to our aspirations as a university and our obligations as a public institution.

  • If UF is to achieve top 5 status academically, it will need to achieve top 5 status philanthropically.
  • This campaign will leverage the public-private partnership to benefit students, the state and society.
  • Giving to the university is not a substitute for state support, it is a supplement to state support.
  • UF has a strong track record of wise investment and careful stewardship of both public and private resources it receives.

The success of the campaign depends on everyone.

  • The bright ideas driving the campaign include projects that benefit from gifts at every level – from those that support research on world hunger to those that support the campus food pantry.
  • Gifts at all levels are important to achieve participation goals, which contribute to UF’s ranking, reputation and future fundraising efforts.
  • Alumni and volunteers can support the campaign by generating awareness and encouraging participation in the campaign.

In conveying these messages, emphasize the human story – the talented individuals who teach, learn, research and work at UF, as well as the people who benefit from their talents.