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Vice President - UF Advancement

Karen Sprague
Strategic Advisor
352-392-5499      click to email

Matt Coleman
Director of Advancement Communications
352-392-5488      click to email

Katherine Peterson
Chief of Staff
352-392-9597      click to email

Advancement Intelligence

Audrey Geoffroy
Assistant Vice President
352-392-8306      click to email

Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Heather Ashley
Executive Director of Alumni Relations/Interim Executive Dir
352-392-9252      click to email

Ali Baker
Associate Director of Alumni Volunteer Engagement
352-846-3580      click to email

Debra Boal
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-5410      click to email

Gregory Bowens
Assistant Director of Alumni Volunteer Engagement
352-846-3575      click to email

Alexa Butler
Associate Director of South Florida Alumni & Board Engagement
561-228-3360      click to email

Ileana Canizares
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
352-392-8920      click to email

Grace Castro
Director of Annual Giving Programs
352-392-9418      click to email

Amanda Edwards
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
352-392-5404      click to email

Sarah Forron
Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Young Alumni Programs
352-392-5972      click to email

Leland Henry
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
352-392-5411      click to email

Kristi Hill
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
352-392-1046      click to email

Mandy Intravaia
Director of Annual Giving Campaigns
352-392-1616      click to email

Shirley Lynn
Alumni Relations Assistant
352-392-7619      click to email

LynAnn Magee
Alumni Relations Assistant
352-392-1905      click to email

Staci McDonough
Director of Business Development
352-392-0440      click to email

James Pepe
Annual Giving Data Analyst
352-392-8983      click to email

Lillian Romine
Development Assistant
352-846-3626      click to email

Carré Saunders
Director of Alumni Volunteer Engagement
352-846-3441      click to email

Yoon Van Hout
Executive Director
352-392-7759      click to email

College of the Arts

Lula Dawit
Senior Director of Advancement
352-846-1211      click to email

Charlotte Morse
Advancement Project Management & External Relations Coordinator
352-273-1465      click to email

Joshlyn Thomas
Assistant Director of Development
352-273-1499      click to email

Computer Services

Dwayne Vidi
Director of Technology Services
352-392-5916      click to email

Ryan Komanski
Senior IT Technology Systems Analyst
352-392-8466      click to email

Daniel Molnar
IT Technology Administrator
352-846-3611      click to email

Xenia Romanoff-Wacasey
IT Help Desk Assistant
352-392-5498      click to email

Robin Roundtree
Senior Access Control Administrator
352-392-9874      click to email

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Margaret Atherton
Executive Director of Development
772-713-5074      click to email

Kim Kruse
Senior Director of Advancement
352-392-0838      click to email

Brandy Woodard
Development Coordinator
352-392-5493      click to email

Data Services

James McCombie
Assistant Director of Data Services
352-846-3639      click to email

Brian Hill
Senior Data Analyst
352-846-2315      click to email

Bill Lentzsch
Data Services Reporting Associate
352-392-0624      click to email

Xiao Liu
Interim Lead Data Solutions Analyst
352-392-6402      click to email

Timothy Young
Data Scientist
352-846-3544      click to email

College of Dentistry

Richard Miller
Senior Director of Development
352-273-5779      click to email

Kaitlyn Simonson
Development Coordinator
352-273-5790      click to email

College of Design, Construction and Planning

Seth Watts
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-1422      click to email

Heather R. Clayton
Marketing & Communications Specialist
352-294-1297      click to email

Maggie Drotos
Associate Director of Development
352-294-1409      click to email

Brent Ferraro
352-294-1424      click to email

Bri Fried
Event Manager
352-392-7266      click to email

Joey Mazzaferro
Associate Director of Communications
352-294-1421      click to email

Kyle Niblett
Public Relations Specialist
352-294-1418      click to email

Marsha Phillips
Alumni Relations Coordinator
352-294-1410      click to email

Kim Stanley
Associate Dir. of Development and Strategic Engagement
352-745-6236      click to email

Lyndsey Sullivan
Conference Event Planner
352-273-1150      click to email


Maria Gutierrez Martin
Interim Vice President of Advancement
352-392-1066      click to email

Development Information Systems

Gabrielle Sanders
Senior Director
352-392-5974      click to email

Dorothy Anderson
Lead Database Reporting Analyst
352-392-0229      click to email

Drew Bernard
Systems Analyst
352-392-8923      click to email

Anirudh Bhagat
Data Integration Associate
352-392-5981      click to email

Amber Cochran
Senior Database Reporting Analyst
352-846-2037      click to email

Ellen De La Cruz
Associate Director
352-392-8584      click to email

Jim Fliess
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-4826      click to email

Joe Kirkham
Data Integration Associate
352-392-7634      click to email

Mangesh Shettigar
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-5972      click to email


Valencia Cromarty
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-9878      click to email

Nancy DiMaggio
Disbursement Processor
352-392-9881      click to email

Shakia Forrest
Disbursement Auditor
352-392-9881      click to email

David Woods
Director of Gift Compliance
352-392-0743      click to email

Donor Relations

Megan Christopherson
Director of Donor Engagement
352-392-5862      click to email

Ciara Powell
Associate Director of Stewardship & Data
352-392-8310      click to email

Rachel Smith
Associate Director of Donor Programs
352-392-3881      click to email

College of Education

Jim Burke
Senior Director of Advancement
352-273-4141      click to email

David Bryant
Development Manager, Lastinger Center for Learning
352-273-4103      click to email

Stephanie Cugini
Director of Development, Lastinger Center for Learning
904-568-4876      click to email

Diane Gagnon
Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Strategic Partnership
352-273-4142      click to email

Marissa Hartman
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Donor Relations
352-273-4144      click to email

Chelsea Maxwell
Development Coordinator
352-273-4140      click to email

Mackenzie Moffett
Assistant Director of Development
352-392-4149      click to email

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Ann Powers
Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-7941      click to email

Mary Church
Interim Senior Director of Development, MAE/MSE
352-294-7988      click to email

Jeff Clarke
Associate Director of Development, BME
352-294-7947      click to email

Nicholas Cole
Director of Development, ESSIE
352-294-7948      click to email

Anna Gude
Development Coordinator
352-392-6795      click to email

Meghan Jacobsen
Advancement Administrative Specialist
352-294-7944      click to email

Sarah Johnson
Senior Director of Development, ECE/CISE
352-392-6795      click to email

Deborah Jones
Development Assistant
352-392-3695      click to email

Tara Meek
Director of Constituent Relations & Alumni Affairs
352-392-6795      click to email

Joseph Szwanke
Associate Director of Donor Relations & Alumni Engagement
352-294-7943      click to email

Facilities Management

Tracie Phillips
Interim Assistant Director of Facilities Operations
352-392-1695      click to email

Rosalind Pastrana
Facilities Management Assistant
352-392-1629      click to email

Mike Ramey
Facilities Operations Manager
352-392-8129      click to email

Finance and Accounting

James House
352-846-1487      click to email

Tara Boonstra
Legal Counsel
352-392-8418      click to email

Lorraine Burton
Administrative Assistant
352-392-9503      click to email

Krystle Castillo
352-392-2827      click to email

Michelle Cummings
352-846-1487      click to email

Iwona Esser
Accountant, General Accounting
352-392-2154      click to email

Sharon Guarascio
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971      click to email

J.A. Lopez
Associate Controller
352-392-5958      click to email

Arriel Raghoo
Assistant Controller
352-846-3616      click to email

Patrick Sell
Interim Senior Director of Disbursements, Fund Utilization, & Gi
352-846-3444      click to email

Tanya Spaulding
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971      click to email

Kenneth Verner
Accountant, Asset Management
352-392-5919      click to email

Florida Museum of Natural History

Marie Emmerson
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-2087      click to email

Kali Geiger
Development Assistant
352-273-2086      click to email

Kara Schwartz
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-273-2047      click to email

Gator Boosters

Phil Pharr
Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5035      click to email

Garrett Bell
Gift Processing & Special Events
352-375-4683 x5059      click to email

Doug Brown
Deputy Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5065      click to email

Kathy Cook
Associate Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5033      click to email

Joey Cutting
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 ext. 5071      click to email

Fleetwood Fleming
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Liz Hassell
Director, Bull Gator
352-375-4683 x5064      click to email

Curtis Head
Assistant Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5015      click to email

Trevon Mccary-Glenn
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Maddy Repka
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Kyle Rogers
Director of Premium Seating
352-375-4683 x5021      click to email

Thom Savage
Assistant Director, Gift Processing/Board
352-375-4683      click to email

Ryan Schulman
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 x5038      click to email

Michelle Seibold
Program Assistant
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Susan Siegrist
Assistant Director of Membership Services
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Colby Smith
Director, Gator Boosters Business & Finance
352-375-4683 x5005      click to email

Paul Vosilla
Assistant Executive Director, Stewardship
352-375-4683 x5020      click to email

Gifts and Records

Maggie Fischer
352-392-8308      click to email

Stephanie Akers
Gifts & Records Manager
352-392-0368      click to email

Martha Banff
Gifts & Records Manager
352-392-3804      click to email

Christina Capra
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-8998      click to email

Shenitta Cason-Daniels
Gifts & Records Lead Analyst
352-392-0096      click to email

Kathy Crews
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-8303      click to email

Julie Dicks
Assistant Director
352-392-7544      click to email

Dawn Dickson
Gifts & Records Lead Analyst
352-392-8091      click to email

Hunter Gair
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-9883      click to email

Alice Hamler
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-846-3536      click to email

Ali Hill
Assistant Director
352-392-8079      click to email

Alec Maratea
Gifts & Records Analyst
352-392-5496      click to email

Maricar Molisak
Gifts and Records Specialist
352-392-3982      click to email

Deborah Moss
Gifts and Records Lead Analyst
352-392-7645      click to email

Carol Petty
Gifts and Records Specialist
352-392-4775      click to email

Fawn Robinson
Gifts & Records Analyst
352-392-0087      click to email

Erin Sapienza-Scott
Assistant Director of Program Management & Data Integrity
352-392-5865      click to email

Velma Williams
Gifts and Records Manager
352-392-9877      click to email

Hamilton Center for Classical and Civic Eduation

John Kane
Executive Director of Advancement
click to email

Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

Blythe Garrett
Development Administrative Assistant
352-294-7056      click to email

Allison Hudson
Assistant Director of Development
352-294-7054      click to email

Stephanie Perez
Development Assistant, OPS
386-559-2018      click to email

College of Health and Human Performance

Lesley Watt
Senior Director of Advancement
352-294-1650      click to email

Laura Barnes
Industry Advisory Board Liaison
352-392-4042      click to email

Melissa Cunningham
Development Coordinator
352-294-1609      click to email

David Pinner
Assistant Director of Development
352-294-1624      click to email


Cody Helmer
Executive Director of Advancement
352-392-5457      click to email

Christine Boettcher
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Engagement
352-294-0886      click to email

Julie Conn
Senior Director of Development, Corp & Fdtn Relations
352-273-2099      click to email

Haley Felton
Assitant Director of Development
352-294-7868      click to email

Caylin Hilton
Director of Development & External Relations
352-392-5432      click to email

Teresa Keppel
Administrative Assistant
352-392-1975      click to email

Pamela Matchett
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-392-5436      click to email

John Ramfjord
Director of Development
352-392-5436      click to email

Kelly Westfall
Development & Creative Design Coordinator
352-392-1975      click to email

Heather Yoder
Assistant Director of Special Events & Donor Engagement
352-273-0353      click to email

College of Journalism and Communications

Natalie Karaoglanian
Interim Senior Director of Dev. & WUFT Membership Director
352-294-1035      click to email

Yenny Barrios
Development Coordinator
352-846-2411      click to email

Erika Henderson
Membership Coordinator
352-294-1550      click to email

Madison Mimnaugh
Assistant Director of Development
352-392-0466      click to email

Cody Sprague
Assistant Director of Development
352-392-0466      click to email

Levin College of Law

Michael Farley
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-0643      click to email

Elizabeth Kane
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
352-273-0716      click to email

Debbie Menoher
Development Data Coordinator
352-273-0644      click to email

Shannon Sumerlin
Director of Development
352-273-0868      click to email

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Stephen Evans
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-3704      click to email

Emily Anderton
Donor Relations Coordinator
352-294-6948      click to email

Stephanie Baer
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
352-294-7506      click to email

Kayla Clark
Associate Director of Development
352-294-2399      click to email

Lauren Guidi-Mackey
Assistant Director of Operations & Engagement
352-294-1980      click to email

Lacie Klann
Senior Director of Development Administration
352-294-1970      click to email

Meredith Palmberg
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement
352-273-2970      click to email

Sunnie Pearson
Associate Director of Development
352-273-3699      click to email

Christopher Peterson
Associate Director of Development
352-294-1959      click to email

Christy Popwell
Senior Director of Development, Corp. & Fdtn. Relations
352-294-1964      click to email

Norman Portillo
Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
352-294-1961      click to email

Bev Sanders
Director of Development
352-294-2398      click to email

Angela Zaft
Development Assistant
352-294-1971      click to email

College of Medicine - Gainesville

Kimberly Metzger
Associate Vice President
443-938-2159      click to email

Lauren Bryant
Development Assistant
352-627-7748      click to email

Jessica Clayton
Director of Development
352-265-7281      click to email

Albert Coker
Director of Development
352-627-7737      click to email

Stephen Figueroa
Senior Director of Development
352-273-5882      click to email

Donna Grillo
Development Coordinator
352-627-7746      click to email

Latashia Harris
Associate Director of Development, Corporate & Fdtn. Relations
352-265-7288      click to email

Brenda Hartwell
Concierge Assistant
352-265-9453      click to email

Dan Hoffman
Senior Director of Development
352-627-7685      click to email

Heather Holcomb
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
352-265-7274      click to email

Kai Khambatta
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-627-7752      click to email

Ann Koralewski
Director of Donor Relations
352-627-7754      click to email

Ted Kruljac
Executive Director of Advancement
352-627-7755      click to email

Montana Magee
Development Assistant
352-627-7763      click to email

Agnes Niedbalska
Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
352-627-7757      click to email

Sandy Pulcini
Stewardship & Donor Relations Specialist
352-627-7759      click to email

Chandler Sandy
Development Coordinator
352-627-7760      click to email

Kristyn Shipp
Alumni Relations Coordinator
352-627-7766      click to email

Cindy Toth
Concierge Assistant, OPS
352-627-7767      click to email

Callie Wilkes
Associate Director of Development
352-627-7764      click to email

College of Medicine - Jacksonville

Anna Harper
Associate Vice President/Chief Advancement Officer
904-244-6120      click to email

Kasey Heilman
Director of Development, UFPTI
904-588-1519      click to email

Ashton Kroner
Associate Director of Development & External Affairs
904-244-8446      click to email

Megan Ortega
Assistant Director of Development & Events
904-244-1061      click to email

Crystal Ranns
Assistant Director of Development & Annual Giving
904-244-1090      click to email

College of Nursing

Anna Hoffman
Senior Director of Advancement & Communications
352-273-6395      click to email

Yancy Lawrence
Development & Alumni Affairs Coordinator
352-273-6571      click to email

Kacie Perryman
Associate Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
352-273-6409      click to email


David Christie
Associate Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
352-392-5475      click to email

Mike Barsaleau
Senior Director of Risk Management
352-392-8924      click to email

Mike Johnson
Assistant Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
352-392-5497      click to email

Idania Sanchez
Operations Administrative Assistant
352-392-7761      click to email

College of Pharmacy

Viktorija Dimaite
Associate Director of Development
352-827-3660      click to email

Norma Padgett
Development Assistant
352-273-6605      click to email

Christie Priddy
Senior Director of Advancement
352-273-6605      click to email

Principal Gifts and Strategic Initiatives

Jess Storm Steele
Assistant Vice President
352-392-5866      click to email

Audrey Campbell
Interim Associate Director of Prospect Research
352-846-2753      click to email

Elizabeth Downs
Assistant Director of Communications & Dev. Strategy
352-392-7630      click to email

Taelor Duncan
Development Administrative Assistant
352-846-2816      click to email

Ryan Marsh
Assistant Vice President
352-392-7755      click to email

CJ Murphy
Prinicipal Gifts Research Analyst
352-392-5476      click to email

Lorena Oliva Serna
OPS Position
352-392-8901      click to email

Marie Price
Manager of Engagement Initiatives & Board Relations
352-392-5401      click to email

Jacky Scott
Communications Strategist
352-392-5976      click to email

Program Management

Jessica Feagle
Interim Associate Director
352-392-7624      click to email

Tonya Burningham
Program Management Administrator
352-392-7760      click to email

Deb Kinney
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-7621      click to email

Jennifer Ramey
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-5402      click to email

Project Management and Business Analysis

Kim Blackburn
Interim Director of Project Management & Business Analysis
352-392-9879      click to email

Alan Ballou
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-7502      click to email

Daniel Caruso
Lead Business Analyst
352-846-3579      click to email

Shauna Clifton
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-2823      click to email

Diane Horton
Technical Project Manager
352-846-3609      click to email

Micah Hyle
Technical Project Manager
352-392-8310      click to email

Paul Jaworsky
Technical Project Manager
click to email

Elaine Mitchum
Business System Analyst
352-392-8078      click to email

Liz Ouligian
Training & Change Management Specialist
352-392-6296      click to email

Priya Patil
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-7775      click to email

Melissa Smith
Interim Senior Project Manager
352-846-3649      click to email

Din Sunnatov
PMBA Team Coordinator
352-846-2806      click to email

Prospect Strategy and Research

Renee` Damore
Director of Prospect Strategy & Research
352-846-3445      click to email

John Bratton
Assistant Director, Health Science Center Vertical
352-392-9533      click to email

Melissa Desai
Research Analyst
352-392-571      click to email

Rebecka Gaines
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-1799      click to email

Katie Garcia
Assistant Director, Academic/Cultural Vertical
352-392-8982      click to email

John Hinrichs
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-7537      click to email

John Howard
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-6297      click to email

Amy Jones
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-5227      click to email

Kathy McDonald
Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-846-2750      click to email

Taylor Morrison
Research Analyst
click to email

Kady Pyle
Prospect Stragety Analyst
352-846-2820      click to email

Katie Walker
Interim Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst, Strategic Initiativ
352-846-3607      click to email

Public Health and Health Professions

Blake Harrison
Director of Advancement
352-273-6214      click to email

Christopher Beatty
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-294-8402      click to email


Peyton Dees
Development Associate
352-265-7272      click to email

Brianna Linkfield
Development Associate
352-265-7576      click to email

Shands - Jacksonville

Mary Assise
Administrative Assistant
904-244-9335      click to email

Shands Healthcare

Heather Mears
Executive Director of Children?s & Hospital Fundraising
352-265-7286      click to email

Heather Adkins
Director of Annual Giving
352-265-7274      click to email

Olivia Baum
Development Specialist, Annual Giving
352-627-7854      click to email

Tory Byrd
CFR Research Associate
352-627-7846      click to email

Cynthia DeMates
Associate Director for Data Management & Operations
352-627-7843      click to email

Sherridon Dressel
Development Coordinator, CMN
352-627-7758      click to email

Margaret Friend
Executive Director of Development, Corporate & Foundation Relati
352-265-7277      click to email

Tamara Gregory
Information Associate
352-627-7745      click to email

Lauren Irizarry
Director of Advancement Communications
352-627-7770      click to email

Jessica Layne
Director of Children's Miracle Network
352-627-7744      click to email

Michelle Runyon
Communications Coordinator
352-627-7765      click to email

Tanisha Torres
Data Integrity Associate
352-627-7761      click to email

Tara Tovkach
Development Associate, CMN
352-265-7025      click to email

Benjamin Valentine
Interim Director of Development
352-627-7762      click to email

Shands Jacksonville

Chipper Hoffman
Senior Director of Development
904-244-1015      click to email

Brian Holloway
Development Coordinator
904-244-1065      click to email

Shands Leesburg

Erica Lebo
Executive Dir/Pres Foundation, UF Health Leesburg Hosp Fdtn Inc
352-323-5501      click to email

Shands Tallahassee

Kaley Krick
Development Associate, CMN
click to email

Stephanie Nicholas
Associate Director of Development
850-386-6417      click to email

George A. Smathers Libraries

Susan Harris
Senior Director of Development & External Relations
352-273-2505      click to email

Special Events and Engagement

Jaclyn O'Brian
Director of Special Events & Engagement
352-392-7758      click to email

Claire Belkot
Interim Assistant Director
352-846-3602      click to email

Travis Hurst
Interim Assistant Director of Facilities Events
352-846-2324      click to email

Shelby McGuinnes
Facilities Event Manager
352-392-9254      click to email

Maggy Stansly
Special Events Planner
352-392-6424      click to email

Strategic Communications, Marketing and Engagement

Nicole Yucht
Executive Director
352-392-5412      click to email

Jim Baer
Art Director
352-392-8212      click to email

Tina Banner
Assistant Director of Social Media & Digital Communities
352-392-5494      click to email

Chris Barnett
Interim Director of E-Commerce & Marketing Cloud Architect
352-392-9535      click to email

Barbara Drake
Content Editor & Writer
352-846-3643      click to email

David Finnerty
Senior Director of Development Communications
352-392-8971      click to email

Tonya Gibbs
Digital Communications Manager
352-392-7636      click to email

David Houder
Executive Director of Marketing & Creative Media
352-392-8076      click to email

Martha Jakab
Digital Applications Manager
352-846-3610      click to email

Ben Kolbus
Graphic Designer
352-392-4068      click to email

Robert Mack
Associate Art Director
352-392-8495      click to email

Jason Phenicie
Senior Director of Digital Strategy & Project Management
352-392-5980      click to email

Brenton Richardson
Interim Assistant Director of Multimedia Production
352-392-7491      click to email

Jennifer Romero
Interim Multimedia Specialist
352-392-3160      click to email

Cindy Spence
Assistant Director of Communications
352-392-5491      click to email

Monica Vosilla
Director of Digital Communications
352-392-8081      click to email

Yasmin Williams
Communications & Marketing Administrative Assistant
352-392-1633      click to email

Talent Management

Sonya Allen
Interim Senior Director
352-846-1128      click to email

Michael Amish
Director of Talent Development
352-846-2046      click to email

Carlos Fernandez
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
352-392-2829      click to email

Jessy John
Interim Talent Management Specialist
352-392-5408      click to email

Kalli King
Interim Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition
352-846-3627      click to email

Naomi Myerson
Payroll and Compensation Administrator
352-392-5777      click to email

Jen Oates-Blair
Talent Acquistion Recruiter
352-392-5489      click to email

Destiney Umpleby
Talent Acquistion Researcher
352-392-7772      click to email

The Wertheim UF Scripps Institute

Tracy Kerwin
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
561-228-2055      click to email

UF Health Science Center

Joe Mandernach
Senior Associate VP/Chief Advancement Officer of UF Health
352-627-7756      click to email

Elizabeth Zipper
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-6605      click to email

Kierra Clarke
Development Coordinator
352-627-7765      click to email

Tamera Stumpff
Director of Development Strategy & Operations
352-627-7743      click to email

UF Performing Arts

Nate Cross
Director of Development
352-273-2480      click to email

Katie Tester
Development Coordinator
352-273-2703      click to email

Daniel Villamil
Development Assistant, OPS
352-273-2703      click to email

College of Veterinary Medicine

Gail Burton
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-294-4051      click to email

Katherine Davies
Interim Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-4213      click to email

Melissa Headrick
Director of Development
352-294-4215      click to email

Karen Johnson
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-294-4862      click to email

Lee Ann Martin
Administrative Assistant
352-294-4859      click to email

Patricia Wlasuk
Director of Development
352-294-4212      click to email

Warrington College of Business

Jon Cannon
Executive Director of Dev. and Alumni Affairs
352-392-0381      click to email

Lindsey Farah
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
352-392-0381      click to email

Brynn Arnett
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Liz Hauck
Executive Assistant & Donor Relations Coordinator
352-392-0381      click to email

Michelle Helmer
Director of Alumni Engagement
352-273-4967      click to email

JP Hill
Associate Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Anthony Jordan
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Alison Law
Senior Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Jake Ludwikowski
Associate Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Joan Lyon
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-0381      click to email

Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Jessica Long
Senior Director of Advancement
904-201-8401      click to email

Ellie Padgett
Development Coordinator
904-201-8471      click to email