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Vice President - UF Advancement

Tom Mitchell
Vice President, UF Advancement
352-392-5407      click to email

Karen Sprague
Senior Associate Vice President for Advancement
352-392-5499      click to email

Matt Coleman
Director of VP Advancement Communications
352-392-5488      click to email

Katherine Peterson
Chief of Staff
352-392-9597      click to email

Advancement Intelligence

Audrey Geoffroy
Interim Assistant Vice President
352-392-8306      click to email

Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Brian Danforth
Assistant VP of Dev & Exec Dir of the UF Alumni Assc and AG
352-846-1849      click to email

Heather Ashley
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
352-392-9252      click to email

Courtney Ball
Annual Giving Coordinator
352-392-7757      click to email

Mikaela Bennett
Assistant Director of Membership & Annual Giving
352-392-1046      click to email

Debra Boal
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-5410      click to email

Alexa Butler
Associate Director of South Florida Alumni & Board Engagement
561-228-3360      click to email

Ileana Canizares
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
352-392-8920      click to email

Grace Castro
Director of Annual Giving Programs
352-392-9418      click to email

Viktorija Dimaite
Leadership Annual Giving Officer
352-846-3606      click to email

Amanda Edwards
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
352-392-5404      click to email

Sarah Forron
Assistant Director of Student Philanthropy & Engagement
352-392-5972      click to email

Leland Henry
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
352-392-5411      click to email

Mandy Intravaia
Director of Annual Giving Campaigns
352-392-1616      click to email

Shirley Lynn
Alumni Relations Assistant
352-392-7619      click to email

LynAnn Magee
Alumni Relations Assistant
352-392-1905      click to email

Staci McDonough
Director of Business Development
352-392-0440      click to email

Carré Mitchell
Director of Alumni Volunteer Engagement
352-846-3441      click to email

James Pepe
Annual Giving Data Analyst
352-392-8983      click to email

Lillian Romine
Development Assistant
352-846-3626      click to email

Shannon Stewart
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
352-392-5474      click to email

Yoon Van Hout
Executive Director
352-392-7759      click to email

Daniel Volk
Leadership Annual Giving Officer
352-392-7639      click to email

College of the Arts

Lula Dawit
Senior Director of Advancement
352-846-1211      click to email

Charlotte Morse
Advancement Assistant
352-273-1465      click to email

Joshlyn Thomas
Assistant Director of Development
352-273-1499      click to email

Business Process Management

Ken Seebeck
352-392-5982      click to email

Anay Humane
Lead Application Programmer
352-392-0694      click to email

Regina Robbert
Intranet Project Manager
352-392-8921      click to email

Michael Truluck
Lead Application Programmer
352-392-7752      click to email

Computer Services

Dwayne Vidi
Director of Technology Services
352-392-5916      click to email

Ryan Komanski
IT Technology Systems Analyst
352-392-8466      click to email

Daniel Molnar
IT Technology Jr. Tech
352-846-3611      click to email

Tyler Raymond
IT Technology Administrator
352-846-3634      click to email

Xenia Romanoff-Wacasey
IT Help Desk Assistant
352-392-5498      click to email

Robin Roundtree
Access Control Administrator
352-392-9874      click to email

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Margaret Atherton
Executive Director of Development
772-713-5074      click to email

Kim Kruse
Interim Senior Director of Advancement
352-392-0838      click to email

Brandy Woodard
Development Coordinator
352-392-5493      click to email

Data Services

James McCombie
Assistant Director of Data Services
352-846-3639      click to email

Pratiksha Dhokale
Salesforce Developer
352-392-9533      click to email

Ashley Elliott
Development Analyst
click to email

Brian Hill
Senior Data Analyst
352-846-2315      click to email

Bill Lentzsch
Data Services Reporting Associate
352-392-0624      click to email

Xiao Liu
Interim Lead Data Solutions Analyst
352-392-6402      click to email

Timothy Young
Data Scientist
352-846-3544      click to email

College of Dentistry

Richard Miller
Senior Director of Development
352-273-5779      click to email

Kaitlyn Simonson
Development Coordinator
352-273-5790      click to email

College of Design, Construction and Planning

Seth Watts
Senior Director of Advancement
352-294-1422      click to email

Heather R. Clayton
Marketing & Communications Specialist
352-294-1297      click to email

Maggie Drotos
Associate Director of Development
352-294-1409      click to email

Brent Ferraro
352-294-1424      click to email

Bri Fried
Event Manager
352-392-7266      click to email

Joey Mazzaferro
Associate Director of Communications
352-294-1421      click to email

Kyle Niblett
Public Relations Specialist
352-294-1418      click to email

Marsha Phillips
Administrative Support Assistant
352-294-1410      click to email

Kim Stanley
Associate Dir. of Development and Strategic Engagement
352-745-6236      click to email


Maria Gutierrez Martin
Associate VP/Chief Dev Officer & Assc VP of the UF Foundation
352-392-1066      click to email

Hope Carter
Assistant Vice President
352-392-8467      click to email

Kim Nyoni
Assistant Vice President
352-846-2870      click to email

Lucas Ranieri
Development Administrative Assistant
352-392-9873      click to email

Development Information Systems

Gabrielle Sanders
Senior Director
352-392-5974      click to email

Dorothy Anderson
Interim Lead Database Reporting Analyst
352-392-0229      click to email

Drew Bernard
Systems Analyst
352-392-8923      click to email

Anirudh Bhagat
Data Integration Associate
352-392-5981      click to email

Amber Cochran
Senior Database Reporting Analyst
352-846-2037      click to email

Ellen De La Cruz
Associate Director
352-392-8584      click to email

Jim Fliess
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-4826      click to email

Joe Kirkham
Data Integration Associate
352-392-7634      click to email

Mangesh Shettigar
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-5972      click to email


Valencia Cromarty
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-9878      click to email

Nancy DiMaggio
Disbursement Processor
352-392-9881      click to email

Shakia Forrest
Disbursement Auditor
352-392-9881      click to email

Donor Relations

Claire Burns
Director of Donor Programs
352-392-7762      click to email

Megan Christopherson
Director of Donor Engagement
352-392-5862      click to email

Rachel Smith
Assistant Director of Donor Engagement
352-392-3881      click to email

College of Education

Jim Burke
Senior Director of Advancement
352-273-4141      click to email

David Bryant
Development Manager, Lastinger Center for Learning
352-273-4103      click to email

Stephanie Cugini
Director of Development, Lastinger Center for Learning
904-568-4876      click to email

Marissa Hartman
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Donor Relations
352-273-4144      click to email

Chelsea Maxwell
Administrative Support Assistant
352-273-4140      click to email

Mackenzie Moffett
Assistant Director of Development
352-392-4149      click to email

Sunnie Pearson
Interim Associate Director of Alumni Affairs & Constituent Relat
352-273-4142      click to email

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Ann Powers
Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-7941      click to email

Mary Church
Director of Development, MAE
352-294-7988      click to email

Nicholas Cole
Director of Development, ESSIE
352-294-7948      click to email

Diane Gagnon
Project & Operational Specialist
352-294-7944      click to email

Anna Gude
Development Coordinator
352-392-6795      click to email

Sarah Johnson
Senior Director of Development, ECE/CISE
352-392-6795      click to email

Deborah Jones
Development Assistant
352-392-3695      click to email

Tara Meek
Director of Constituent Relations & Alumni Affairs
352-392-6795      click to email

Joseph Szwanke
Associate Director of Donor Relations & Alumni Engagement
352-294-7943      click to email

Office of Estate and Gift Planning

Alex Cobb
Executive Director of Advancement
352-392-9532      click to email

Rachel Dorman
Director of Development, Gift Planning
352-392-8068      click to email

Andrea Fourman
Director of Development, Gift Planning
352-392-5514      click to email

Alex Pribil
Associate Director of Development, Gift Planning
352-392-0697      click to email

Julie Price Trickey
Gift Planning Associate
352-392-5512      click to email

Bussey Quackenbush
Marketing Specialist
352-392-9534      click to email

Shirl Raulerson
Administrative Assistant II
352-392-8156      click to email

Kelly Royston
Administrative Assistant
352-392-0097      click to email

Michael Sopko
Director of Development, Gift Planning
352-846-0925      click to email

Facilities Management

Troy Bell
Director of Facilities Operations
352-392-5487      click to email

Travis Hurst
Event Manager
352-846-2324      click to email

Shelby McGuinnes
Event Manager
352-392-9254      click to email

Rosalind Pastrana
Facilities Assistant, OPS
352-392-1629      click to email

Tracie Phillips
Facilities Project Specialist
352-392-1695      click to email

Mike Ramey
Facilities Operations Manager
352-392-8129      click to email

Finance and Accounting

James House
352-846-1487      click to email

Tara Boonstra
Legal Counsel
352-392-8418      click to email

Lorraine Burton
Administrative Assistant
352-392-9503      click to email

Iwona Esser
Accountant, General Accounting
352-392-2154      click to email

Sharon Guarascio
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971      click to email

John Knight
Senior Legal Counsel
352-392-5515      click to email

J.A. Lopez
Associate Controller
352-392-5958      click to email

Arriel Raghoo
Assistant Controller
352-846-3616      click to email

Patrick Sell
Director of Disbursements & Fund Utilization
352-846-3444      click to email

Randy Settle
Assistant Controller
352-392-5863      click to email

Kenneth Verner
Accountant, Asset Management
352-392-5919      click to email

Florida Museum of Natural History

Marie Emmerson
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-2087      click to email

Kali Geiger
Development Assistant
352-273-2086      click to email

Kara Schwartz
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-273-2047      click to email

Gator Boosters

Phil Pharr
Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5035      click to email

Garrett Bell
Gift Processing & Special Events
352-375-4683 x5059      click to email

Doug Brown
Deputy Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5065      click to email

Kathy Cook
Associate Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5033      click to email

Joey Cutting
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 ext. 5071      click to email

Fleetwood Fleming
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Liz Hassell
Director, Bull Gator
352-375-4683 x5064      click to email

Curtis Head
Assistant Executive Director
352-375-4683 x5015      click to email

Trevon Mccary-Glenn
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Maddy Repka
Assistant Director of Development
352-375-4683      click to email

Kyle Rogers
Director of Premium Seating
352-375-4683 x5021      click to email

Thom Savage
Assistant Director, Gift Processing/Board
352-375-4683      click to email

Ryan Schulman
Associate Director of Development
352-375-4683 x5038      click to email

Michelle Seibold
Program Assistant
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Susan Siegrist
Assistant Director of Membership Services
352-375-4683 x5000      click to email

Colby Smith
Director, Gator Boosters Business & Finance
352-375-4683 x5005      click to email

Paul Vosilla
Assistant Executive Director, Stewardship
352-375-4683 x5020      click to email

Gifts and Records

Maggie Fischer
352-392-8308      click to email

Stephanie Akers
Gifts and Records Supervisor
352-392-0368      click to email

Martha Banff
Gifts and Records Supervisor
352-392-3804      click to email

Christina Capra
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-8998      click to email

Shenitta Cason-Daniels
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-0096      click to email

Kathy Crews
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-8303      click to email

Julie Dicks
Gifts & Records Assistant Manager
352-392-7544      click to email

Dawn Dickson
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-8091      click to email

Hunter Gair
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-9883      click to email

Tangula Griffin
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-0087      click to email

Alice Hamler
Gifts & Records Processor
352-846-3536      click to email

Ali Hill
Gifts & Records Assistant Manager
352-392-8079      click to email

Alec Maratea
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-5496      click to email

Maricar Molisak
Matching Gifts Specialist
352-392-3982      click to email

Deborah Moss
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-7645      click to email

Carol Petty
Gifts & Records Processor
352-392-4775      click to email

Erin Sapienza-Scott
Assistant Manager of Program Management & Data Integrity
352-392-5865      click to email

Velma Williams
Alumni Membership Supervisor
352-392-9877      click to email

Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art

Kelly Harvey
Director of Development & External Affairs
352-294-7057      click to email

Blythe Garrett
Development Administrative Assistant
352-294-7056      click to email

Allison Hudson
Assistant Director of Development
352-294-7054      click to email

College of Health and Human Performance

Lesley Watt
Senior Director of Advancement
352-294-1650      click to email

Laura Barnes
Industry Advisory Board Liaison
352-392-4042      click to email

Melissa Cunningham
Development Coordinator
352-294-1609      click to email

David Pinner
Assistant Director of Development
352-294-1624      click to email


Cody Helmer
Executive Director of Advancement
352-392-5457      click to email

Christine Boettcher
Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Engagement
352-294-0886      click to email

Phil Buchyn
Associate Director of Development
352-392-1975      click to email

Julie Conn
Senior Director of Development, Corp & Fdtn Relations
352-273-2099      click to email

Caylin Hilton
Director of Development & External Relations
352-392-5432      click to email

Teresa Keppel
Administrative Assistant
352-392-1975      click to email

Pamela Matchett
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-392-5436      click to email

John Ramfjord
Director of Development
352-392-5436      click to email

Kelly Westfall
Development & Creative Design Coordinator
352-392-1975      click to email

Heather Yoder
Assistant Director of Special Events & Donor Engagement
352-273-0353      click to email

College of Journalism and Communications

Margaret Gaylord
Senior Director of Advancement & Alumni Relations
352-273-0193      click to email

Yenny Barrios
Development Coordinator
352-846-2411      click to email

Erika Henderson
Membership Coordinator
352-294-1550      click to email

Natalie Karaoglanian
Director of Development & WUFT Membership Director
352-294-1035      click to email

Levin College of Law

Michael Farley
Senior Director of Development
352-273-0643      click to email

Ashley Helmick
Associate Director of Development
352-273-0976      click to email

Elizabeth Kane
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
352-273-0716      click to email

Debbie Menoher
Development Data Coordinator
352-273-0644      click to email

Shannon Sumerlin
Director of Development
352-273-0868      click to email

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Stephen Evans
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-3704      click to email

Emily Anderton
Donor Relations Coordinator
352-294-6948      click to email

Stephanie Baer
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
352-294-7506      click to email

Kayla Clark
Associate Director of Development
352-294-2399      click to email

Lacie Klann
Senior Director of Development
352-294-1970      click to email

Meredith Palmberg
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement
352-273-2970      click to email

Gabe Pena
Associate Director of Development
352-294-1980      click to email

Christy Popwell
Senior Director of Development, Corp. & Fdtn. Relations
352-294-1964      click to email

Norman Portillo
Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
352-294-1961      click to email

Ciara Powell
Assistant Director of Strategic Operations
352-294-1977      click to email

Bev Sanders
Director of Development
352-294-2398      click to email

Angela Zaft
Development Assistant
352-294-1971      click to email

College of Medicine - Gainesville

Kimberly Metzger
Associate Vice President
443-938-2159      click to email

Jessica Clayton
Director of Development
352-265-7281      click to email

Albert Coker
Director of Development
352-627-7737      click to email

Stephen Figueroa
Senior Director of Development
352-273-5882      click to email

Donna Grillo
Development Coordinator
352-627-7746      click to email

Latashia Harris
Associate Director of Development, Corporate & Fdtn. Relations
352-265-7288      click to email

Brenda Hartwell
Concierge Assistant
352-265-9453      click to email

Dan Hoffman
Senior Director of Development
352-627-7685      click to email

Heather Holcomb
Senior Director of Alumni Relations
352-265-7274      click to email

Kai Khambatta
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-627-7752      click to email

Ann Koralewski
Director of Donor Relations
352-627-7754      click to email

Ted Kruljac
Executive Director of Advancement
352-627-7755      click to email

Montana Magee
Development Assistant
352-627-7783      click to email

Agnes Niedbalska
Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
352-627-7757      click to email

Sandy Pulcini
Stewardship & Donor Relations Specialist
352-627-7759      click to email

Kristyn Shipp
Alumni Relations Coordinator
352-627-7766      click to email

Cindy Toth
Concierge Assistant, OPS
352-627-7767      click to email

Callie Wilkes
Associate Director of Development
352-627-7764      click to email

College of Medicine - Jacksonville

Anna Harper
Associate Vice President/Chief Advancement Officer
904-244-6120      click to email

Kasey Heilman
Director of Development, UFPTI
904-588-1519      click to email

Megan Ortega
Assistant Director of Development & Events
904-604-8361      click to email

Crystal Ranns
Assistant Director of Development & Annual Giving
904-244-1090      click to email

College of Nursing

Anna Hoffman
Senior Director of Advancement & Communications
352-273-6395      click to email

Yancy Lawrence
Development & Alumni Affairs Coordinator
352-273-6571      click to email


David Christie
Associate Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
352-392-5475      click to email

Laurelle Griffin
352-392-8109      click to email

Mike Johnson
Interim Assistant Vice President/CFO
352-392-5497      click to email

Idania Sanchez
Operations Administrative Assistant
352-392-7761      click to email

College of Pharmacy

Norma Padgett
Development Assistant
352-273-6605      click to email

Principal Gifts and Strategic Initiatives

Jess Storm Steele
Assistant Vice President
352-392-5866      click to email

Audrey Campbell
Assistant Director of Prospect Research
352-846-2753      click to email

Elizabeth Downs
Assistant Director of Communications & Dev. Strategy
352-392-7630      click to email

Taelor Duncan
Development Administrative Assistant
352-846-2816      click to email

Ryan Marsh
Assistant Vice President
352-392-7755      click to email

CJ Murphy
Prinicipal Gifts Research Analyst
352-392-5476      click to email

Lorena Oliva Serna
OPS Position
352-392-8901      click to email

Marie Price
Manager of Engagement Initiatives & Board Relations
352-392-5401      click to email

Jacky Scott
Communications Strategist
352-392-5976      click to email

Barbara White
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-7753      click to email

Program Management

Jessica Feagle
Assistant Director
352-392-7624      click to email

Ali Baker
Program Management Coordinator
352-846-3580      click to email

Tonya Burningham
Program Management Administrator
352-392-7760      click to email

Deb Kinney
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-7621      click to email

Jennifer Ramey
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-5402      click to email

Project Management and Business Analysis

Kim Blackburn
Interim Director of Project Management & Business Analysis
352-392-9879      click to email

Alan Ballou
Business Systsem Analyst
352-392-7502      click to email

Daniel Caruso
Interim Lead Business Analyst
352-846-3579      click to email

Shauna Clifton
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-2823      click to email

Diane Horton
Technical Project Manager
352-846-3609      click to email

Micah Hyle
Technical Project Manager
352-392-8310      click to email

Paul Jaworsky
Technical Project Manager
click to email

Elaine Mitchum
Business System Analyst
352-392-8078      click to email

Liz Ouligian
Training & Change Management Specialist
352-392-6296      click to email

Priya Patil
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-7775      click to email

Melissa Smith
Interim Senior Project Manager
352-846-3649      click to email

Prospect Strategy and Research

Renee` Damore
Director of Prospect Strategy & Research
352-846-3445      click to email

Cynthia DeMates
Assistant Director, Health Science Center Vertical
352-392-9880      click to email

Melissa Desai
Research Analyst, OPS
352-392-571      click to email

Rebecka Gaines
Research Analyst, OPS
352-392-1799      click to email

Lori Gammons
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-2253      click to email

Katie Garcia
Assistant Director, Academic/Cultural Vertical
352-392-8982      click to email

John Hinrichs
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-7537      click to email

John Howard
Prospect Strategy Analyst
click to email

Amy Jones
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-5227      click to email

Kathy McDonald
Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-846-2750      click to email

Kerry Pirrone
Prospect Management Associate
352-846-2819      click to email

Kady Pyle
Prospect Stragety Analyst
352-846-2820      click to email

Katie Walker
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-846-3607      click to email

Public Health and Health Professions

Christopher Beatty
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-294-8402      click to email

Risk Management

Mike Barsaleau
Senior Director
352-392-8924      click to email


Peyton Dees
Development Associate
352-265-7272      click to email

Brianna Linkfield
Development Associate
352-265-7576      click to email

Shands Healthcare

Heather Mears
Executive Director of Children?s & Hospital Fundraising
352-265-7286      click to email

Heather Adkins
Director of Annual Giving
352-265-7274      click to email

Olivia Baum
Development Specialist, Annual Giving
352-627-7854      click to email

Tory Byrd
CFR Research Associate
352-627-7846      click to email

Sherridon Dressel
Development Coordinator, CMN
352-627-7758      click to email

Margaret Friend
Executive Director of Development, Corporate & Foundation Relati
352-265-7277      click to email

Tamara Gregory
Major Gifts Scheduler
352-627-7745      click to email

Patrick Henry
Senior Director of Development
352-627-7769      click to email

Matthew Hesters
Communications Coordinator
352-627-7845      click to email

Lauren Irizarry
Director of Advancement Communications
352-627-7770      click to email

Jessica Layne
Director of Children's Miracle Network
352-627-7744      click to email

Tanisha Torres
Data Integrity Associate
352-627-7761      click to email

Tara Tovkach
Development Associate, CMN
352-265-7025      click to email

Benjamin Valentine
Associate Director of Development
352-627-7762      click to email

Shands Leesburg

Erica Lebo
Executive Dir/Pres Foundation, UF Health Leesburg Hosp Fdtn Inc
352-323-5501      click to email

Shands Tallahassee

Stephanie Nicholas
Associate Director of Development
850-386-6417      click to email

George A. Smathers Libraries

Chandler Sandy
Development Coordinator
352-273-2625      click to email

Strategic Communications and Marketing

Nicole Yucht
Executive Director
352-392-5412      click to email

Jim Baer
Art Director
352-392-8212      click to email

Tina Banner
Assistant Director of Social Media & Digital Communities
352-392-5494      click to email

Chris Barnett
Senior Web Administrator
352-392-9535      click to email

Aaron Daye
Multimedia Specialist
352-392-4068      click to email

Barbara Drake
Content Editor & Writer
352-846-3643      click to email

David Finnerty
Senior Director of Development Communications
352-392-8971      click to email

Tonya Gibbs
Digital Communications Manager
352-392-7636      click to email

David Houder
Executive Director of Creative Services
352-392-8076      click to email

Martha Jakab
Digital Applications Manager
352-846-3610      click to email

Robert Mack
Associate Art Director
352-392-8495      click to email

Nicole Neal
Executive Director of Strategic Communications
352-846-3447      click to email

Jason Phenicie
Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Engagement
352-392-5980      click to email

Brenton Richardson
Multimedia Specialist
352-392-7491      click to email

Jennifer Romero
352-392-3160      click to email

Cindy Spence
Assistant Director of Communications
352-392-5491      click to email

Monica Vosilla
Director of Digital Communications
352-392-8081      click to email

Yasmin Williams
Communications & Marketing Administrative Assistant
352-392-1633      click to email

Talent Management

Sonya Allen
Director of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition
352-846-1128      click to email

Michael Amish
Director of Talent Development
352-846-2046      click to email

Jessy John
Talent Management Administrator
352-392-5408      click to email

Kalli King
Talent Managerment Specialist
352-846-3627      click to email

Naomi Myerson
Payroll and Compensation Administrator
352-392-5777      click to email

Jen Oates-Blair
Talent Acquistion Recruiter
352-392-5489      click to email

Destiney Umpleby
Talent Acquistion Researcher
352-392-7772      click to email

Kate Wieland
Talent Acquisition Recruiter
352-392-2829      click to email

David Woods
Director of Culture & Engagement
352-392-0743      click to email

UF Health Science Center

Joe Mandernach
Senior Associate VP/Chief Advancement Officer of UF Health
352-627-7756      click to email

Elizabeth Zipper
Executive Director of Advancement
352-273-6605      click to email

Kierra Clarke
Development Coordinator
352-627-7765      click to email

Tamera Stumpff
Director of Development Strategy & Operations
352-273-9620      click to email

Peyton Wesner
Communications Specialist
352-273-9620      click to email

UF Performing Arts

Nate Cross
Director of Development
352-273-2480      click to email

Katie Tester
Development Coordinator
352-273-2703      click to email

Daniel Villamil
Development Assistant, OPS
352-273-2703      click to email

UF Scripps Biomedical Research

Tracy Kerwin
Senior Director of Advancement
561-228-2055      click to email

University Initiatives

Jacobi Bedenfield
Associate Director of Development
352-392-8305      click to email

Aileen Dixon
Development Coordinator
352-392-9586      click to email

Matthew Fiore
Interim Associate Director of Development
352-846-2461      click to email

Leslie Pendleton
Executive Director of Advancement
352-392-5861      click to email

Kate Valois
Associate Director of Development, UF Parent & Family Giving
352-392-5492      click to email

College of Veterinary Medicine

Katie Boudreau
Executive Director of Advancement
352-294-5513      click to email

Gail Burton
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
352-294-4051      click to email

Katherine Davies
Senior Director of Development
352-294-4213      click to email

Melissa Headrick
Director of Development
352-294-4215      click to email

Karen Johnson
Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-294-4862      click to email

Lee Ann Martin
Administrative Assistant
352-294-4859      click to email

Patricia Wlasuk
Director of Development
352-294-4212      click to email

Vice President and Campaign Events

Jaclyn O'Brian
Interim Director of Special Events & Engagement
352-392-7758      click to email

Claire Belkot
Special Events Planner
352-846-3602      click to email

Anja Fairholm
Assistant Director
352-392-3379      click to email

Giovanni Lugo
Assistant Director
352-392-5973      click to email

Maggy Stansly
Special Events Planner
352-392-6424      click to email

Warrington College of Business

Jon Cannon
Executive Director of Dev. and Alumni Affairs
352-392-0381      click to email

Lindsey Farah
Senior Director of Corporate Relations
352-392-0381      click to email

Michelle Helmer
Director of Alumni Engagement
352-273-4967      click to email

Anthony Jordan
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Alison Law
Senior Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Jake Ludwikowski
Associate Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Joan Lyon
Administrative Support Assistant
352-392-0381      click to email

Kris Plunkett
Director of Development
352-392-0381      click to email

Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Jessica Long
Senior Director of Advancement
904-201-8401      click to email

Ellie Padgett
Development Coordinator
904-201-8471      click to email