University of Florida Advancement

The Gator good is no accident. To serve, to teach and to discover requires champions — advocates who espouse the cause. That’s where UF Advancement comes in. We engage alumni and students, parents and friends, foundations and corporations to partner with UF and move the university forward. And, more importantly, to address the things that are important to UF and its donors. Things like scholarships for Gators who might otherwise be left out because of college costs, professorships that attract and retain faculty stars, initiatives that empower the university to focus on real issues and societal problems, and innovative research that changes how our families and neighbors experience life.

UF Advancement is meant to serve the whole university — all its colleges, institutes, departments and centers. Our roadmap is based on the university’s strategic priorities, to:

  • Retain and recruit faculty stars who help UF help the world;
  • Create an environment that nurtures and invigorates faculty and attracts public visibility of faculty achievements;
  • Provide high-quality education that is available to every student and prepares graduates for work, citizenship and life;
  • Inspire alumni to not only be connected to the university, but to engage with and support UF’s mission;
  • Improve the lives of the world’s citizens through discovery, the work of graduate and postdoctoral scholars, and service;
  • Increase engagement and outreach locally, nationally and internationally to build awareness and make a positive impact; and,
  • Establish facilities, research labs and classrooms that support state-of-the-art teaching, learning and technology — backed by an administration that supports and advances its faculty, staff, students and community.


To be a catalyst in securing and managing private support for university priorities


To be ranked among the best, as measured by Voluntary Support of Education


Excellence, innovation, inclusion, civility, community, and stewardship